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Answered on August 19, 2014
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Hi, My name is Kristen. I am new to the Paleo diet and trying to adjust my eating habits to be more healthy. I am a 40 year old mother of a little girl. For the past several years I have been battling some annoying disorders, including Fibro Myalgia, high blood pressure, a gluton allergy, depression, and anxiety. I really want to get healthy, I am at least 40 lbs overweight I weigh 180 lbs and am 5'5". I do Zumba three times a week and go to the gym at least 2 additional days. I enjoy the paleo diet but would like to learn resources on how to vary my meals so I don't get bored. As I am trying to decrease stress, I don't want to get fixated on sticking to the diet strictly, but I do want to cut out sugar and carbs. I am especially struggling losing cheese. I am looking for suggestions, recipes, and support. In return, I will offer anything I can. Thanks, Kristen

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on September 06, 2013
at 08:35 PM

Cheese is pretty okay as long as it is whole, natural, and doesn't upset your stomach. The fattier the better with cheese.

Carbs are okay in moderation as long as they come from "safe sources" but I'll let you do your own research there and just throw out "potatoes and rice" like everyone else and add Kassava and tapioca starch.

If you're eager to lose weight, minimizing carbs as close to zero as possible could help, but you'll have to wrap your head around the idea of getting about 70-80% or more of your calories from delicious saturated and monounsaturated fat (coconut oils, butter, olive oil, lard, etc...) macadamia nuts are a real wonder if you can afford them.

You can be very healthy getting 20-35% or a little more of your calories from safe starches though, along with a little fruit and even sweeteners like honey, and still lose plenty of weight.

If you have a good grip already on the macronutrient mix you want, just find healthy sources. Research and go on the web every day to read about "paleo recipeis" or even buy some paleo recipe books. A treat of something kind of exhautic like cassava cake can be nice and healthy too while keeping you out of a rut.

The world is full of strange and wonderful fruits and veggies, and there are hundreds of ways to prepare your meat. If you can afford grass fed and free range, go for the fatty cuts. If not, just supplement with good fats like butter, olive, and coconut.

Try some Paleo snacks like coconut chips (trader joe's has a pretty good brand of these) and Maui onion macadamia nuts.

The possibilities are truly endless. All you need to remember is to eat real food meaning plants and animals, not their processed derrivatives. And keep your macros in balance. Never too much protein or carbs.

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on September 06, 2013
at 09:25 PM

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago. My symptoms were severe. However, the symptoms were identical to candida overgrowth. In fact, candida overgrowth symptoms more succinctly described me than fibro alone. I went on a strict low carb diet, cut out fluoride (look up chronic fluoride poisoning...it too looks just like fibro), and started exercising. I was wasting away, sore, tired, you name it. Exercising hurt so damned much, but I kept doing it. WIth those three things, I improved dramatically. Recently, I started intermittently fasting. That is when I noticed some food allergies and food intolerances: peanuts, eggs, wheat (I found this out when I cheated! lol), and alas, milk and milk products.

Anyway, I was 5'6 and 220. Now I am 160! I lift weights 3 days a week and ride a bike a few times a week. My diet consists of low carb veg, meat, butter, lard, bacon, distilled water, and various condiments...without milk. For me, a cheat now would be barbeque sauce on my chicken! Or maybe a half a potato once a week or less. I also have the occasional fruit like berries, melon, or grapefruit...but rarely. You just get used to it. When you start to feel better, then you cheat and feel awful, you just realize that your body was not meant to eat the crap. I also don't eat anything man made.

I also don't eat nuts because they can make candida worse.

Oh, I also take magnesium, a thyroid support with zinc, iodine, and other things (I am hypothyroid too.), and melatonin. I have come a long way. I would have thought 3 years ago, that I would be house/couch bound the way I felt back then. Do you your research and then just do it! =) Good luck!!

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