increased carbs and lost weight

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 20, 2013 at 9:46 AM

I've been eating paleo since I gave birth in 2011. I tried low carb and very low carb, but I couldn't lose the last 5 pounds. About a month ago, I added a big baked sweet potato at breakfast, which increased my daily carbs a lot. I was really surprised to find out that I lost 10 pounds and all my clothes are loose. My activity is the same as before, I have changed nothing.
How did this happen?!!!! Am I a minority that loses weight on a high carb diet instead of low carb?

Forgive my bad english, but I am foreign

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on March 20, 2013
at 11:22 AM

Maybe you are now more nourished.

What I recommend is that you need to be very well nourished in order to loose weight. Hunger is the brain's understanding that you are malnourished and you need food in order to be healthy and function properly. Our brain evolved all these mechanisms for detecting that you need food. The brain is usually not making a mistake, and so if you are getting hungry then there is something that you need that you are not giving yourself. It's worth your while to try to figure out what that is. So if you are supplying everything you need, and the only thing you are missing is a little bit of fat which is already present in adipose tissue, then your brain wont feel hungry it will just say: 'All right take that fat out of the adipose tissue; you know release it from our fat cells, and we will use it there and we will have everything we need.' - Paul Jaminet. The Perfect Health Diet. http://www.perfecthealthdiet.com

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