I'm not having to talk to her really nice

Asked on July 15, 2014
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I'm not having to talk to her really nice Co his ass but that's where the rubber meets the road in our spiritual journey to enlightenment and self act which is self actualization the universe is not going to let it be that easy so up within that we have to like runners I don't know exactly where they are but I'd like you to bring up topics bring up situations bring up questions and I will to the best of my ability reflect on this from the perspective how we stay within the temple and the alignment vertically because that's really the point what you know it does is it aligns as a vertically but when I said before that star David and the Christian cross you see really the issue is the intersection up they vertical alignment with the horizontal alignment and that's where we are now which includes like I said the intersection at the individual stance and the collaborative collective effort okay let's talk about whatever you wanton talk about yes over their home you needn't space yeast 0 you know steamed show and patsy yeah I spouse yet machine home and post okay shopping sold homes were so opened didn't mention love brings up everything on like itself is basically what you just said the closer we get to the Enlightenment a state within ourselves what happens is that healing is a kind of a detoxeverything comes up in order to be released and I in situation I just missed work mentioned where I see that went to start working with people and in group settings that happens it???s because collectively that occurs as well so the issue is to not however romance the shadow you know there's too much into higher consciousness community these days I have to get in touch with my darkness need to get tougher their light to so the issue up the shadow the issue up all the shadow is the unhealed aspects of self so it comes up to a kind of deter and it's a good thing that comes up because it has been running the show.

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