I have lost 148 pounds but...

Answered on October 26, 2013
Created October 25, 2013 at 8:46 PM

Hey Cave People,

I decided to become Paleo 2 years ago this November, after seeing some great immediate changes I started counting my macros, calorie restricting and carb-cycling a little less that a year ago and I have seen even more awesome results. I have lost a total of 145 lbs (I'm now 6ft 1 in and 190 lbs) , My body fat stays in the single digits, my seasonal allergies have seem to have disappeared (accept I went to Hawaii 9 months ago and my eyes itched like crazy and I had a runny nose but I was fine as soon as I returned home.)

I don't have any loose skin, My sinuses have not aggravated me, I'm in a much better mental state, my skin has cleared tremendously, I have way more energy (sometimes too much its hard to sleep when you're in ketosis), my blood pressure has FINALLY reached normal and my cholesterol is great. I can honestly say discovering nutrition, fitness, and the Paleolithic lifestyle has forever changed my quality of life for the better. I'm now a nutrition science student and personal trainer at a local gym.

I'm Intermittent Fasting (12 to 24 hours) twice every 6 to 8 days or so. Health has become my life. I even won my first mens physique competition (similar to bodybuilding)met my current girlfriend at a cross-fit gym. I just have a few concerns, I want to eat more again, to gain lean mass and ever time I increase my carb & caloric intake even when eating clean and paleo I feel gross (I'm retaining water, my digestion slows down and I'm periodically lethargic). At first, I thought it was mental and me just striving for perfection but I've taken pics and its apparent. Is this bloat periodic?

My calorie restricting regimen entailed : 1700 - 1990 cals ( 25 % Fat 45% Protein and 30% Carb)

Typical Day : Breakfast: Nut Butter, Fruit, Eggs Lunch: Salad and Turkey Snack: Chicken Livers and Saut??ed Veggie Dinner: Flank Steak, Egg Whites and Sweet Potato with Coconut Sugar and Cinnamon

Also, during all these amazing changes and results occurring I'm now experiencing slight alopecia (hairloss) and I also breakout oddly in the same spot on my right cheek everytime my girlfriend makes anything with poblanos and some other peppers (so I assume I'm allergic??) so I avoid it? Other than these few duds I'm doing well.. I just want to know if theres something I can do nutritionally to improve these duds?

If you have any advice or insight let me know. My main concern is my extreme carb sensitivity (that i didn't have before) and my hairloss (that I didn't have before).

thanks yall

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on October 25, 2013
at 08:58 PM

Wow, congrats on winning the physique competition! Go Paleo! You might want to look into vitamin E's for the hairloss. As well as D.

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on October 26, 2013
at 06:04 AM

This f'd up website has lost two of my lengthy responses.

I'm not going to rewrite it all so I'll give you the short version.

My SWAG..you're under nourished (not enough calories) and you're eating too much protein. What;s your veggie consumption like? What carbs trigger your sensitivity? I would boost your fat.

I suggest macro calories of (50% Fat 25% Protein and 25% Carb)

I'm about your size 6' 190 but more like 18% BF. I'm much less active. My caloric intake is at your low to mid range. My macros are more like above.

Your hair loss...my guess, too much protein plus calorie restriction... bad news ahead, more hair loss when you correct your diet


You may have developed a nightshade sensitivity... avoid them for a while.

If you want to gain weight & can tolerate dairy well... full fat raw milk is awesome for weight gain.

Also take a look at


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