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Uman cultures "feed" potato diet produced more short-chain fatty acids that cause the body to release hormones suppressing appetite - that the grass diet " fed" . "This evidence indicates that the preview of paleo diets and appetite suppression is poor and that diets high in fiber, vegetable probably not lead to an increase in and increased appetite Diabacor suppression " a press release . Clearly, this is not what I expected to find , nor would any Paleo dieter today that banishes potatoes and other starchy vegetables to your plate. RELATED: Spring 20 Fresh Recipes for any diet I find two things interesting with this study. The first is the idea of a paleo diet. Today when most people claim they are eating paleo -like report that eat much meat , not primarily a diet " herbal " , which includes the grass. Secondly , I'm pretty curious as to why the authors of the study was solely rely on plant foods to curb hunger , for starters. I could not agree more with Timothy Barraclough , a co- author of the study , who says : "This suggests that the protein might play an important role in appetite suppression role that starch degradation or fiber more work is needed to . explore the effects of the breakdown products of several alternative foods. "

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