How Much Food Should I Eat Daily?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 07, 2011 at 10:27 PM

I do crossfit on average 3 days on 2 days off. I'm a 34 female, 5'7 1/2'', 134lbs. By my best calculations, I have 24% body fat. I eat about 80% paleo (still struggling with bread cravings and I like wine). My goal is to drop my body fat and increase muscle mass.



on April 08, 2011
at 01:54 AM

"More" - 70s Big



on April 07, 2011
at 11:08 PM

as much as you want as long as its good healthy food.

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on April 08, 2011
at 12:54 AM

You should eat to satiety. You'll find that that comes much, much sooner if you cut the bread out of your diet. If the carb isn't green, generally avoid it.

Red wine in moderation is a fine "cheat".



on April 07, 2011
at 10:33 PM

I know it easy to write and waaaayyy hard to do, but...Drop the wine and all bread for a month and see how much progress you make. Add a little wine back in in moderation after a month, and the bread cravings will be gone.


on April 08, 2011
at 01:13 AM

I think because your goal is to drop body fat and increase muscle, the better question is WHAT food should you eat.

If you are eating to satiety now and easily maintaining your weight, but not seeing the body composition changes you want, you should play with your ratios of fat, protein and carbs.

How many carbs are you currently eating per day? I would drop the number of carbs your are eating, personally I stay under 75 grams, but you'll have to find your right number.

Also, if training fasted is an option for you, I really think that can help with dropping fat.



on April 11, 2011
at 05:54 PM

I agree that with bread and wine in your diet (especially bread), losing weight will be very hard.

I'm going to break with orthodoxy, though, and say that for me the number of calories do matter. Yes, paying attention to WHAT I eat is much more important than how much I eat, but it would be silly to say that, for some of us, calories do not matter. My body especially doesn't seem to register liquid calories like heavy cream very well, so I have to be careful how much of that I drink.

I don't count calories, but I am wary of not packing them away. I have a broken metabolism (though getting better on Paleo), and I think for some of us we don't have a good satiety switch.

Just to make matters even more confusing...I also find that sometimes eating too few calories hinders my weight loss. I work - without counting - to find a middle ground that leaves me sated but not overly full.



on April 08, 2011
at 12:58 AM

Just to go into more detail,

Do not think of cutting down how much food you eat in the run of a day if you still have bread in your diet. That needs to be your first step, wine I would say would be a close second.

Once those 2 issues are corrected, then you can always get into more detail if you are eating enough. I know people like to say "eat till you are full" which I 100% agree with if people have not put them self on lots of "Diets" in the past and have no idea how much food is "enough"

My girlfriend does not eat enough... but eat until she feels full. (some days we are talking about 700 calories) I'm making her eat fat now, so i'm sure that is improving.

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