How do I lose weight starting from 146 lbs and a size 10?

Answered on May 02, 2018
Created March 11, 2015 at 8:36 PM


When I was 16 I successfuly went from 145 to 135 without really trying. My family was eating paleo, so it made it easy. I'm now 19 and weigh 146. I've never been below about 133 since I was a kid. I was hoping someone out their had some advice on what to do to get below that weight. I don't eat grains, and haven't for months. Still need to work on cutting out dairy and sugar. But I really have no idea how much I should be eating, etc. I in no way want to be "skinny" but I would really like to be thinner. I'm not hung up on the weight number. But I would love to lose some pant sizes, I'm currently a size 10. Any advice would be helpful! And please only comment if you've actually done this yourself.??

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on May 04, 2016
at 07:32 AM

The best solition for weight loss is drink warm water with few drops for lemon juice and one tea spoon for honey, before eating your breakfast. Do exercise or go for walk or jogging.

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on May 02, 2018
at 09:27 AM

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on August 02, 2017
at 04:59 PM

Well - I have personally lost around 20lbs now - and what I eat is something along these lines:

Breakfast: Nothing (I don't do this untill I have been low carb for a while, and don't feel hungry in the morning).

Lunch: A salad w. some meat - 2-3 cups of leafy greens, olives, pickled garlic, 1 whole avocado, pickled artichokes, radishes, onions (what ever I have and strikes my fancy really) and a lots vinagrette (no sugar) or herbal oil (pesto like). Meat is usually clams, shrimp or salmon - can be bacon if I can get organic. If I tolerated it I would add nuts or seeds. 

If I can eat more I'll have a little warm meat with some warm veggies like steamed broccoli (oil on top), fried cauliflower or something along those lines.

Dinner: If I am hungry I have leftovers from lunch (either meat or salad). 

If I am hungry between meals I have a smoothie - either a kale smoothie, with spinach, avocado, lemon, cucumber, unrefined salt and water, or a berry smoothie with coconut milk (no sweetener - not even banana or dates) or I'll have fresh berries w. coconut butter. I am very rarely hungry between meals though.

I only eat sugar very very rarely and I sometimes fast for a couple of days (but only if it doesn't make me feel sick). 

My diet is very restricted because of allergies though - sugar, even from fruit, makes my allergies and eczema flare. I can't have eggs or dairy either. 


on August 02, 2017
at 07:14 AM

two ways in my vision will let you lose your weight instantly and slowly ...

1 . Excersice : Hell difficult to do consistantly and needs a lot of hard work + determination + motivation + spend time.....

2. Go for treatment either you can get fat transfer or you can get Fat injections which will make you lose weight just in a week and you need not require any hardwork + its time saving (not money).....

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on April 25, 2016
at 06:53 AM


Try lemon juice and honey in a like warm water in early morning before eating anything and go for walking or jogging. It will really help you.


on March 13, 2015
at 02:59 PM

You're not giving us enough information. First, how tall are you? Second, what do you eat now? Third, what??dietary changes are you willing to make vs. things you won't give up? Fourth, do you exercise? Still, we need more data to provide proper advice.

I eat low carb for example, because I don't want to be counting calories or having to worry about portion sizes, the only negative is that I obviously can't eat carbs.??But unlimited meat, fats, veggies, eggs, fish, etc. seems like??a pretty good tradeoff for??me.??Not everyone is the same, some folks don't want to give up carbs, so they choose to go with the low-calorie approach where they count calories and limit portions. You could do either one, depending on what you are ok with. Some people throw in exercise on top of that as well which is fine but not mandatory, as changing your diet is enough to lose the weight.


on March 13, 2015
at 05:58 PM

 I'm 5'5. My point was that I eat paleo but even when I ate strict paleo I only got down to 135. I was curious if anyone else had started at a Similar weight and got below 135, and if they had , what did they do. I don't care what I have to count or do. I just want to a lower weight/lower pant size. 


on March 13, 2015
at 09:41 PM

It helps to limit meals to just breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snacks and stuff like that in between which makes it harder to keep track of what you're eating.

You could eat strictly Paleo and still not lose weight (and even gain), depeding on what Paleo foods are involved. Some Paleo foods like honey, sugary fruits (dates, bananas, mangos, etc.) and starch-rich tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc) can make you gain quite a bit, especially if you don't track your intake carefully.

Like I said, you can either limit your carbs and avoid starchy sugary/foods altogether (use 50 grams of net carb as starting point) or limit the calories of the foods you eat (use 1900 calories as starting point). Adjust your intake from there by lowering it if you are not losing or by increasing it once you wish to maintain.

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