Head aches, second month of Paleo.

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I am near the end of my second month on the paleo duet. The first month I did the whole 30 and this month I have re-introduced small amounts of some things. I eat a small piece of 85% cocoa every day. I eat a small bit of cheese on the weekends and 1-2 glasses of red wine on weekends. I am on a Ketonic diet due to having PCOS so I am insulin resistance. I am eating mainly fats and protein. My diet consists of eggs in morning salad/soup/casserole(with meat) and oil at lunch. Dinner is Meat and Veg/Salad with oil. I snack on Guacamole, vegetables and meat. I seem to be consuming 1k-1300 cals a day. I am full most of the time and do not feel sick/tired. I am concerned I am be eating too little, this has concerned me for a few weeks now.

I am doing exorcise normally walking with about 3 sessions in the gym a week of resistance and interval training w/ weights. I am 5'5 female 27 and weigh 164 pounds, started diet on 176. I am on this diet to beat my PCOS so weight loss is an important part of that.

However recently - 3 days ago I woke up with a headache. I have had this for 3 days now and I cannot get rid of it. I have taken over counter painkillers but they dont seem to help/or help for long. I was wondering if this may be due to the calories I am eating? I generally don't get headaches but I would guess this is a migraine due to the length? Has anyone else had any problems like this? I do wear glasses so considered maybe this is the issue but I figured if i needed new glasses I would not have the headache when I wake up?

I don't think its the normal carb crash people report as I've been off them for so long now, I also did not even get the a carb crash when i first started the diet as I have always eaten low carb.

Any advise, tips would be appreciated, thanks!



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I also don't feel that this is lack of water. If I was dehydrated I would feel it, feel hungry at least. I drink at least 2 x 500 ML of water a day by itself. More on gym days. And I have tea/de cafe coffee on top of that. I was under the impression that 2.2 Liters a day was a myth but maybe thats where I am going wrong?

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