Eating once - twice per day for female weight loss

Answered on January 06, 2020
Created May 25, 2014 at 12:52 AM

Have any females had success with weight loss by eating fewer meals per day? For myself, this seems to be easier to maintain a paleo style diet with fewer cravings. When I'm hungry, I eat. That hunger just happens to come at fewer times during the day. I don't particularly concentrate on getting a certain amount of calories, I eat regular sized meals always including protein, fat, and veggies and often some starch or berries. My worry is if this will truly harm my metabolism in the long run or be less effective for quick, healthy weight loss.

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13 Answers

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on January 06, 2020
at 06:27 AM

Eat healthy food like Green veggies, Fruits and Pulses, grains, Low-fat milk, etc. eating once or twice doesn't matters when you want to reduce weight. Just be attentive and physically active what you eat unhealthy foodstuffs and try to eat food which digests in a short period.


on January 06, 2020
at 05:19 AM

Hi.. eating veggies, fruits, grains, juice, even wine is good for health. Basi formula to be healthy for the long run is eating and later walk. The volume of the cholesterol, sugar, calories should be maintained. If these three things are ok with you so eat whatever you want to eat, no worries.

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on January 21, 2017
at 04:15 PM

I'm reluctant to intentionally skip meals, being in recovery for an ED myself. That said, I find that I don't always need to eat three meals a day. I think it's best to follow your hunger - if you don't feel hungry in the morning, maybe you don't need to eat breakfast. But also keep track of things like stress, or other factors that could negatively impact hunger. And if you ever feel genuinely hungry off of your eating routine, don't ignore it. Ultimately, do what feels right and makes you feel good, on all levels.


on January 13, 2017
at 10:37 AM

The eating many small meals per day to boost metabolism thing has been debunked.  You won't effect your metabolism unless the calories you ingest are way under what you normally would.  For example if you're cutting by 500 cals per day long term, eventually your body will adapt to this.  My nutritionist told me to eat when I'm hungry and if that means less meals, then thats okay and healthy. The obestity code by Jason Fung talks about how breakfast isn't important and can actually be healthier and good for weight loss to skip.  

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on April 22, 2016
at 11:42 AM

Eat what you love that is the simple funda, but watch out when you are eating and how. Heavy breakfast is not an issue, but heavy dinner can be a big problem for those who want to lose weight.


on December 23, 2015
at 11:43 PM

Generally speaking more smaller meals is better - but if you're simply not hungry most of the time, just make sure you're eating a minimum of 3 meals per day, well spaced-out. The goal is to make your body believe it is not having a food crisis, so it won't go into starvation mode. Long as you stay away from actually being hungry all the time, you should be fine.


on May 27, 2014
at 10:25 PM

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on May 27, 2014
at 08:49 PM

This is how I lost my last 20 lbs of baby weight! I did 2 24-hour fasts per week (dinner to dinner) and 3-4 16-hour fasts (dinner to lunch). Then 1-2 days per week I would just eat all three meals. I based this on how I felt - if it was easy to skip lunch, I'd do it. If I felt hungry or tired, I would eat. I made sure I ate enough that I felt satisfied, and the weight came off pretty easily. This was easiest to stick to when I was more compliant with a low-sugar Paleo diet (though not necessarily low carb - just not a lot of fruit) - the more non-compliant foods I ate, the harder it became to skip meals. I also worked out in a fasted state 4-5 days per week. This worked more easily for me than trying to control portion sizes. I felt much more in tune with my body's signals and needs.


on May 27, 2014
at 07:54 PM

I tried less frequent meals last fall, but ultimately failed because I was still a sugar burner and was ravenous all the time. I went 100% paleo and low carb recently, however, and my body transitioned into being more of a fat burner over the course of a few months. Now I'm not as low carb, but find myself eating 2ish meals a day quite frequently because I'm just not as hungry (goodbye blood sugar spikes!). This isn't how my days ALWAYS are- sometimes I have days where I just feel like snacking all day, and other times I have days where I eat a big breakfast and am done for the day. I'm definitely smaller than I was before, but I do worry about the stress that fasting can have upon your body if you do it all the time. My advice would be to just listen to your body and let it tell you how much and how often it wants to eat. That may mean snacking all day on some days, and it may mean eating just one or two meals on other days. Don't FORCE yourself to IF and eat less frequently- that would be counterproductive and raise cortisol, which would pack on weight instead of dropping it. But, if your body wants it, listen to it. That's the beauty of paleo eating.


on May 27, 2014
at 12:08 PM

Yes. I have been eating 100% meat./fish/eggs sea food and low carb veg, olive oil and butter and lost no weight (I don't count calories). I felt very good and healthy but no weight being lost (age 52, pre menopausal, about upper most healthy weight for my height), Most men and many women would be losing loads of weight eating just that. I had cut out all fruit and all dried fruit and all nuts and sweet potatoes. Still no weight loss.

So in the last week have given up breakfast and try to have lunch as late as possible. It is always a big meal such as salmon, sea food, friend in olive oil sometimes with a whole avocado in there and courgettes or mixed low car veg and a load of spinach on the side covered in butter. Sometimes I have a piece of goat's cheese later on too.

I also started a tablespoon of gelatin (and have some bone broth on order coming tomorrow) and that coincided with my being able to move to the 2 or 1 meal a day. I may now have lost 2 pounds (!!!). I am hoping to keep this up.

My body seems to like big gaps between eating so it can calm down and rest somehow. Now I have just been eating keto and paleo after 2 weeks I seem not so hungry and the sugar urges have gone.

I eat high good fats, medium protein and low carb with lots of veg.

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on May 27, 2014
at 11:00 AM

The most ideal approach to get fit is to either consume smaller portions or fewer calories. When you consume in fewer calories than you consume, you get thinner. Losing weight slowly and at consistent rate is more important. It obliges you to consider sustenance diversely and quit romanticizing it. When you can do this, sustenance gets pleasant tasting nourishment as opposed to passionate comfort or stimulation. By diminishing your caloric admission by 3,500 calories for every week can help lose one pound a week. By basically removing 500 calories a day this objective might be accomplished.


on May 26, 2014
at 04:31 AM

Yes, absolutely. I lost all my weight eating one or two large meals a day. A lot of people are incapable of doing this without resorting to non paleo foods after a long fast, but if it works for you then do it! It works for me too. I'm not a very hungry person before about 4 or 5pm. I have about two big, paleo meals per day. The idea of eating 6-8 mini meals never worked for me because for some reason it just made me hungry for more all. day. long. I'd rather eat the majority of my calories at the end of the day, and I lost 30 pounds this way. Listen to your body, and if it works for you then do it! Just make sure you aren't depriving yourself because that's when the bad choices tend to happen.


on May 25, 2014
at 09:46 PM

I only eat two meals per day (32, female). I've been doing this for about 6 months now. I don't need to lose weight (BMI is around 20.5), but I found that I can eat bigger meals and that it is just easier for me to not be bothered with constantly planning meals. Also, I can't eat a ton of calories per day or I'll gain, so this makes it easy for me to keep my calories in check. I know that many paleos are like "don't count calories, blah, blah," but I try to loosely track them so I don't gain. I'm absolutely the type that will pack on pounds quickly if I don't watch it.

Now, I have found my schedule works best when I have breakfast at six am and then lunch/dinner around 3 or 4 pm. I think it's better to spread the calories a little further apart if you are female.

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