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For many of us, the New Year is a time of reflection. Reflecting on what has happened in the past and on dreams and desires for the future. These dreams and desires often become New Years resolutions.

I admit that for many years each time a New Year rolled around I would make a resolution to lose weight and get back into shape. Each year I would try a different diet and each year I would fail. Some years I would keep my resolution for several weeks and lose some weight. Unfortunately, my willpower would inevitably falter and before I knew it, I would be back to where I started. Garcinium

Each time this happened I felt the failure at my core. I blamed myself and started believing I was weak. After all, other people were losing weight, why wasn't I? Then it dawned on me. Why do most New Year's resolutions fail? Why do most people on diets ultimately fail? Could it be that we are all weak? That we are all failures? I started thinking, maybe we weren't weak. After all, there's strength in numbers. What if it was the diet that was weak? If not the diet, what about the whole diet approach? Think about it. Then I began to notice the disclaimers that were included in every commercial for every diet center like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. The commercials usually show a before and after picture, an overweight person and then a picture of that person magically transformed to a slim, healthy and happy person. Then the disclaimer in very small print appears at the bottom of the commercial. The disclaimer usually reads something like "These results are not typical." These results are not typical which means that most people will not succeed on this program. How many different diets or plans have you tried only to end up with the same results? There had to be a better way.

This led me on a journey to discover a more effective way to lose weight. Keeping it simple, I discovered that in order to change our appearance on the outside, we first need to change on the inside. Our body is a reflection of our thoughts and our beliefs. We need to change the way we feel if we are top have any chance at losing weight. This type of approach is consistent with what many great thinkers, leading edge doctors and psychiatrists are saying: Visit it! to get more information >>>>>> http://absolutegarciniacambogiatry.com/garcinium/

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