Did you see a fluctuation in weight?

Answered on December 11, 2013
Created December 09, 2013 at 2:01 PM

Hey everyone!

Pretty simple question...when you began eating paleo what were your personal experiences with weight? Did you gain, lose, or kind of stay the same?

I ask because I have been working hard to lose weight and am down about ten pounds with twenty more to go. I did this by eating healthy with a caloric deficit. I also exercised, but I don't attribute my weightloss to that as much as my eating habits. I've read all of the major books on paleo, primal, etc and have been fascinated by this for a while and would really like to try it. However, after struggling with the extra pounds for so long and finally losing them -- I admit I'm a bit hesitant to do anything new in fear of stalling my process. Health is more important to me than weight loss, however...but I like to have my cake and eat it too, and usually have no problem doing so (actually maybe that's why I had weight to lose haha).

Anyhow, so I know that any answers are obviously anecdotal and no real tell-tale sign that I will have a similar experience. I'm just wondering what others have experienced when they first began this lifestyle.

Thank you so much!

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on December 11, 2013
at 01:45 AM

I slightly overweight when I started eating Paleo, and as soon as I switched and started listening to my body, eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was satisfied, I started dropping weight, although I was now eating more on Paleo than I had ever eaten on SAD.

Eating Paleo will get you your results. Just be patient. If you want to speed up the process though, you could try a Whole 30 or a 21DSD.


on December 10, 2013
at 09:33 PM

yeah i definitely gained like 20 lbs on Paleo when I started. But i was almost underweight when I started eating Paleo (or eating in general). But i know i was overeating Paleo stuff back then because I was recovering from an eating disorder. It really boils down to caloric reduction. Now I am losing weight on Paleo.


on December 10, 2013
at 06:21 AM

I had no trouble dropping weight when maintaining something similar to a Whole30 diet - no cheat days, no sugar (not even the natural kinds), no alcohol, minimal fruit and nuts, and lots and lots and lots of healthy veggies cooked in healthy oils and served with smaller portions of high-protein, lower calorie fish and chicken. Oh, and regular exercise.

I wasn't overweight when I started, but wanted to drop 10 pounds - a stubborn challenge when eating SAD and enjoying many excellent micro brews at social events.



on December 09, 2013
at 09:26 PM

i started gaining quickly. i've put on 23 lbs since i started paleo in august 2012 but i'd like to stop there. i'm sure i will keep gaining because i've been on prednisone for 5 months, too. that always makes me gain.

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on December 09, 2013
at 03:46 PM

I first eliminated wheat, beer, wine, pizza and any added sugars. 6 months of that helped me drop 30lbs. At that point I came across Paleo/Primal and started doing that. I've since dropped 40-50 more pounds and am close to what I should weight, probably 5-10lbs more would be ideal for me. From a weight loss perspective the Paleo wasn't really the thing that did it, but I feel it is a healthier way for me to live.

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