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Asked on August 05, 2014
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In when something rallies that aggressively and go sideways right before earnings you mention yacon root maxthat kind of a red flag for you what is about that price action economy said you know a look a.m. staying away from the sky well in an interesting I had a hey come into the market I'm in class and as you know they're not students at that point for just coming in and you know our job to help them the let me what we do is traders and help them look at their farm Kate you there at yes you know it makes sense to them and when think we show them the how to read institutional level I telling in best I was coming right up get into supply on and are you coming out and one my in Class A on a call and you know with unfortunately united in the market no doing something buying out something up Houston and donate and fortunate for this guy fantastic I all that in 380 already did not only signed up for classes children's future but he declined call he'd out he bought that right into supply not knowing what he was doing proceed other profit he did email me and tell me that and I it sound like 11 percent overnight it???s a really big them a lot yeah I think it goes back to you have I???m I think anything we do as traders there???s red flags and a la the red flags that Debbie is experience over the you have obviously been just that representations have.

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