Biggest Loser Challenge: How much can I (safely) lose in 12 weeks?

Answered on January 23, 2015
Created January 23, 2015 at 1:41 PM

Good morning!

I work for a great company that actively offers Fitness programs for incentive, and in a couple of weeks they are starting a Biggest Loser Challenge. The top 3 "losers" will literally cash in, and I'm excited because it'd be a win/win for me. The challenge lasts 12 weeks, but there's one thing that kind of bothers me: the loser is measure by body weight % as opposed to body fat %. It's kind of a bummber cause we all know the fat is what counts, and not the number. But, so be it.

So since I'm a 170lb, 5'5, 40+%BF gal with an *end goal of 20% BF to lose, I wanted to get the most as possible out of this challenge.

My question is: would you say that the average 2 lb/week is still attainable through a paleo lifestyle, and also are you aware of any dramatic, "kickoff" weight loss program through a paleo diet? I have heard of a few IF plans, but I feel that as a female it doesn't work for me.


*end goal = as in life. not in 3 months of course, lol



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on January 23, 2015
at 07:52 PM

When I started Paleo I was about 230# and got down to about 203# within 3 months, about 11-12% of my body weight.  This was pretty dramatic but I wasn't doing anything crazy like starving myself.  I went strictly low carb (< 25g per day initially, closer to < 50g near the end) and started doing Crossfit at about the same time.

I don't think it's healthy to try to lose weight much faster than that.  It's surely possible and people starve themselves, take drugs, and probably make themselves even less healthy than they were when they were overweight, but it's possible.  I would be very wary of overdoing it and while the challenge at work is fun it can be very hard on your system and be the first step in a yo-yo dieting dysfunction that will eventually lead you to being heavier and less healthy than you are now.

They keys for me were 1) zero carb, high protein breakfast, 2) give up all grains and sugars, absolutely strict, no cheating for the first 3 months, and 3) exclusively brief high-intensity exercise and occasional long-duration low-intensity exercise, no cardio or running.

Good luck.



on January 23, 2015
at 04:52 PM

I would suggest Lyle McDonald's PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) to lower body fat plus an EC stack to stave off hunger.  

While those biggest losers are pushing it way too hard in the gym you'll be reading a book and losing just as much if not more in a way that won't overwork and injure yourself.

Edit: this is an extreme diet and you should read the book, you're only supposed to do it for a couple weeks at a time I think not sure

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