Any ideas/tips for a newbie?

Answered on October 15, 2018
Created September 27, 2017 at 6:41 AM

I'm new at this. I've been trying to lose weight for years and nothing has seemed to work. My doctor told me to give the paleo diet a try, as it will be a healthy way to lose the weight, as long as I can maintain a balanced diet on it. She didn't give me much information, so I was left to looking into it myself and it doesnt seem like something I can easily manage on a strict budget. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas, tips, recipes, meal plans, etc, that are budget friendly, enjoyable, and keep me from straying from the paleo diet. Any recommended supplements or multivitamins I should take or at least think about taking? I'm also lactose intolerant, so I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can, but a little dairy here and there never hurt. Thank you!

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on October 15, 2018
at 02:12 PM

Everyone suggest different things like Gym, and different medicines and whatsoever. But Guys I have a practical experience on that. My weight was 80kg and it was growing day by day as i was keen about playing games in my playroom. My weight increased from 80Kg to 87 kg just in a span of 7 days. I was so worried then I became too determinant and I just started running two times a day. One in the early morning and in the evening. And the only one more thing i did was One juice of Grapefruit before Running. And in Result, I just lost 15 kg in 18 days. So I Recommend you all please adopt this method once and you will never regret.Thanks

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on November 06, 2017
at 03:34 AM

Great choice switching to a new lifestyle on Paleo!  I have recently converted over to Paleo as well and had very similar challenges in terms of recipes and a tight budget.  My big revelation was my first farmers' market trip.  The vendors are a great inspiration on how to make new recipes and the best way to cook their product as well.  Also even going on Paleo based sites are a great way to find simple, quick and delicious recipes.  It is a big change and it will take time but it is so worth it: best of luck and I hope this helps!


on November 03, 2017
at 04:53 PM

Hey there,


And congratulations, because the Paleo diet is a lifestyle that will help you losing weight. I think, considering the fact that you want to lose weight, it could be helpful to give you my own experience with this.


I've lost a lot of weight myself by eating Paleo, and one of the best things that I've started doing at a particular moment is to stop counting calories and stressing myself mentally with "this is bad, this is good" stuff.


Eating a lot of veggies, some fruit, and eating Paleo foods because they're good for your body is probably a better focus than the "I can't have this and that" mentality.


Aside of that, I think that it's great that you're allowing yourself some dairy once in a while. If you do so, raw organic unpasteurized is your best go to. You can generally tolerate it (better).


As far as supplementing goes, you might want get your bloodwork done first, but often times vitamin D (especially with the winter starting) is something you might wanna look into. Vitamin D3 that is.


Other nutrients worth supplementing are vitamin A, K, pro -and prebiotics, and others. But all that depends on what you eat and on your health.


Keep us posted. I really love this question as it's not just for newbies.



on October 24, 2017
at 02:38 AM

There are a number of ways to economize and still eat very healthy regardless of the diet or lifestyle.  Some depends on your willingness to prepare and cook "whole" foods -- it does take time to plan, shop, prepare, cook and save for later, when possible.  

I roast a whole chicken once a week and get several meals out of it.  Two breasts, thighs, wings and legs provide a variety of white and dark meat for many meal options and the bones, neck, kidneys, liver and skin can be cooked to make home made stock.  "Free range" is probably the best option, but it does cost more and may be harder to find, so if you are adopting a new way of eating, just getting used to buying, prepping, roasting and using ANY chicken is an improvement over fast food or prepared foods, both with lots of additives we don't need.  Cheaper beef and pork cuts, especially with bones, can be used the same way to make several meals including a quart or so of stock for soups and stews or to flavor veggies as well as add good fat and protein. Filet mignon is certainly delicious, but flank steak or a bone in cut will give you just as much nutrition and more meals to the penny.

For vegetables and fruit, buy what is in season.  Use what you can and preserve more if you have the desire and the space (freezer or canning).  I recently read a tip to always eat veggies or fruit with fat... might be avocado, olives, oil or butter (ghee), a sauce or mayo.  The healthy fat stays with you longer (you feel full and not hungry) and also aids with your body using fat-soluable nutrients.

There's a lot to learn and explore.  You won't do it in a day and there is no one right way.  What your investment means is probably a happier and healthier you, which is priceless.  It might help to tally what your current eating is costing... and then see how far that will go... many folks forget the Starbucks, DD, or other fast food (of course it counts!) and giving a pricey latte will probably buy a chicken :)  For my family, hubby and I quit smoking and adopted healthier eating... we "finance" the grass fed, organic, free range with the savings.  You may have some savings to factor in as well.

Best wishes!






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on October 01, 2017
at 11:09 PM

Paleo has some very good concepts like promoting whole foods and very good choices amongst the animal and plant kingdom, but it is dogmatic and demonizes too many things and has too much rules that are hard to follow 100% of time (eg: it's almost frowned upon to eat regular meat or eggs instead of grass fed, free range etc.). In reality you can have a very good diet with regular items that are affordable, and enjoying something like pizza once in a while is completely fine.
Too lose weight strictly, it's a matter of calories in and out. Most people would not go out of their way to weigh food and track macros, which is completely understandable, but somehow you need to find a way to eat less calories, no less volume necessarily. Processed food tends to be very dense calorie wise, and not very nutrient dense. Whole foods on the other hand, tend to have a lot more volume per the same calories are are more nutricious, eg: 100g of white bread has around 300kcal whereas 100g of potatoes has around 80kcal and a lot more vitamins and minerals. If you stick mostly to whole foods you'll probably naturally eat less calories because of the higher volume and will also be getting more nutrients from them, just simple things like meats, eggs, tubers, vegetables of all kinds, etc. If you feel like you're attached to an eating pattern, have comfort foods and stuff of the sort, you need to learn to cook whole foods in a way that you actually really enjoy since this will be your staple diet, it's really simple, can be some fried eggs in butter, some oven baked sweet potatoes with butter, sea salt and pepper, some meat of fish, some roasted veggies, I don't know, you need to try what you like and what you can stick to, and don't be afraid if you want to treat yourself once in a while, just know that it's a special occassion.

Some diet dogmas have some good lessons, but falling into the dogma thing always ends up giving you too much uneeded stress.

I could recommend you read the work of Lyle McDonald, specifically his Flexible Dieting book. He also has a really good website with a ton of great information to read regarding this bodyrecomposition . com , and also a facebook group called bodyrecomposition in which people are very responsive and knowledgeable.

I don't know what else to say, I hope this is somewhat helpful for you. Best wishes!

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