Am I losing too much weight too quickly?

Answered on March 06, 2014
Created March 06, 2014 at 1:50 PM

Recently (February 24th to be exact), I decided to go paleo. So for the past week I've been eating within the guidelines of the paleo diet and I' haven't been counting calories. Today I weighed in at 136.4 which is about 8 pounds lost within 10 days which I know is not considered healthy or normal. However, I'm eating as much as I want until I'm satisfied. Is this normal? I'm turning 18 and I'm a senior in high school. But I do not have a fast metabolism, considering all of the low calorie, eat almost nothing all day, diets I've been on in the past that I believe to have slowed my metabolism.

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2 Answers


on March 06, 2014
at 02:09 PM

@jamiet thank you so much! I don't think I have a lot of weight to lose though considering I'm 5'6 and have a medium sports-like body. But thank you again, I won't worry as much now :)


on March 06, 2014
at 01:59 PM

It is not unusual to drop more weight at the beginning of a diet change especially going from relatively high carb (normal carb intake for SAD) to paleo / low carb. Some of this is fluid / water retention / inflammation related (I dropped 7 pounds in a week once during a plateau when I decided to cut fruit out completely). I would keep true to the eating plan you have chosen - make sure you are eating enough to keep satiated and monitor your weight as you go - also try to monitor body fat %age as well either through callipers or electronic scales etc. If you are used to a calorie restricted diet you may not be eating enough... Do you feel like you have a lot of weight to lose? Weight is a very individual thing and it depends a lot on body type / frame etc as to what is healthy - with this eating lifestlye you should find your weight loss starts to slow as you approach your optimum - measure your vitals (weight, body fat %age, body measurements) and make sure you are happy with how you're progressing and not losing too much weight (as long as you are eating the right foods when you are hungry and stopping when full you should be fine).

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