Am I eating too little or too much for weight loss? And how much fruit should I eat?

Answered on May 17, 2016
Created June 16, 2014 at 6:09 PM

Hey guys I'm a sixteen year old girl who got into paleo for health reasons but recently I've also wanted to use it to get leaner. I'm 5ft 8 but haven't weighed myself in ages and my scale isn't working (sorry if this isn't helpful!). For breakfast I would typically eat 3 eggs cooked in olive oil and scrambled in with a bowl of veggies (sometimes I add 1 avacado on the side) and I always skip lunch because I never really get hungry at lunchtime. Then for dinner I would usually have half or less of my plate with a protein source depending on the meat (I usually eat a whole fish as opposed to one chicken leg with skin on) and the rest of my plate would be spinach salad, avacado and some stir fry concoction of aubergines and courgette. Then I won't eat anyting after that. Sometimes I get really hungry at night but I'm kinda worried about eating too many calories because I eat a lot of fat. At the moment, I've totally cut fruit out because no 1) i almost always overeat them and no 2) the carbs may prevent me from losing weight but I dunno. However, I ABSOLUTELY love fruit and I've been so desperate to eat these two lush ripe mangoes which have been sitting in my fruit bowl for days. I've literally been staring at them like they're chocolate cake or pizza or something. That's how bad I want to sink my teeth into them! Should I wait it out for a couple of weeks before hitting the fruit or should I answers my cravings? It doesn't make sense IMO to cut out high sugar fruits because both my parents came from fruit-rich, hot climates but I really wanna lose this darn weight! BTW, am I eating too much or too little? Any constructive criticism will be highly valued thx :)

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7 Answers

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on December 07, 2015
at 05:39 PM

It is definitely possible that you are not eating enough to loose weight. It seems counter-intuitive, but when you decrease your intake too much, it stresses your body out and signals a time of food scarcity. The body reacts by lowering your metabolism and storing the food you eat. I have been surprised to find that I lost weight faster by eating around 100 carbs a day than I did when I ate less than 50 grams a day. 

Before you play around with diet, first make sure that you are getting good restful sleep each night and make sure you are hydrated. Add some light exercise like walking or yoga if you are not already doing so. If you feel sluggish and don't have enough energy after ensuring you get good sleep and endorphins from exercise, you are definitely not getting enough food. 

I really think that being hungry in the evening around bed time is a signal that you haven't had enough to eat during the day. The same thing happens to me, I often skip lunch because I just forget or I'm too busy, and I end up being hungry after dinner. When I look back at my meals I see I haven't had enough. So I usually have a snack of almond butter and carrots before bed and I haven't had this negatively impact weight loss. 

I think it's great you don't have a scale because weight is extremely decieving. If you had a bit too much salt you could be carrying a bit extra water, if you need to poop, if you're losing muscle instead of fat, or gaining muscle from exercise, if you're near your period....ETC all of these things can make it seem like you are or aren't losing. Its great to go by the fit of your clothes and your actual measurements- this indicates a loss of body fat. 

Plase don't listen to these people telling you to drink protein shakes or meal replacement shakes/ bars. Eat whole, real, unprocessed food from as natural sources as you can find. This means grass fed beef, pastured pork and chicken, etc. 

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on May 17, 2016
at 09:17 AM

Eating more fruit and veggies is essential both for good health and to help us lose weight. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat, and high in fibre – three essential ingredients for successful weight loss. Research also shows we tend to eat the same volume or weight of food every day, regardless of its calorie content. So if we want to lose weight, it’s crucial to stick to lower calorie foods to make up this volume. And that’s where fruit and vegetables play an important part in a weight loss diet.

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on December 08, 2015
at 10:30 PM

Hi, life should be made simple as nature intended so keep it simple.

1. Dont eat crap (processed) - 1 ingredient = 1st place

2. Dont count calories (almost impossible anyway) and a futile exercise

3. Dont stress - hormonal imbalance is your worst enemy, sugar/starch and emotional stress will "clog" your system

4. Focus on fat as your energy source and use fruits in moderation, mainly berries

5. Stay well hydrated, start the day with lemon juice and organic/raw honey mix

6. When in balance, your body will find its "set point" and regulate your body fat depending on your genetic metabolic rate. 

7. Enjoy the journey - enjoy life.

Always here if needed S


on August 27, 2015
at 01:15 AM

maybe your not losing weight because your not excersing along with it. If you wanna lose weight workout 5 days a week. Go on a run, go on a walk, get a gym membership, lift weights, do yoga. Theres so many ways to get active that way you can eat those fruits you so desperately crave! I am 17 and dont eat as much as you do but im with you where I dont know either whether im eating to much or too little.. drink alot of lemon water when you wake up in the mornings before you eat anything, that can help speed up your metabolism. 



on November 13, 2015
at 08:53 PM

Exercising will help with losing weight, but weight loss is 80% diet. Stick to your diet and dont be afraid to have fruit once in awhile. Slow and steady weight loss is best. Good luck!


on July 26, 2015
at 11:21 AM

Keep avoiding fruit (imo). Fructose, found in fruit is processed odd by the body. It automatically stores it as fat, it doesn't try to be used as energy first. (something about how the body breaks it down. 

If you are not hungry, you don't have to eat. But I do recommend that at lunch you have something of high nutrition. Like a protien shake or nutrition bar. This just helps to make sure your weight loss isn't due to losing bone or muscle, but rather body fat. 

I prefer Vega, it's expensive but nutritionally one scoop is half your daily nutrients. It's also low calorie, low carb and tastes very green. It will definitely help provide what you need to continue to lose weight. 


on December 07, 2015
at 03:05 PM


Hi I'm Ann. Want to advice you at first create your own daily meal plan.

You should to ask doctor how much calories you should eat, it's all individually.

And like example I advice you to use meal replacement shakes.


There are a lot of information about the meal replacement shakes.



on June 16, 2014
at 06:42 PM

If you're losing weight, then you're eating less food than your body needs to maintain its weight. If you're not losing weight, then you are eating an adequate amount of calories. (Buy a damn scale? haha.) You should probably eat more fruit than none and eat a meal if you're hungry.

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on December 07, 2015
at 04:37 PM

It's not as simple as calories in calories out. 

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