Advice please - am I eating too much/enough? And as for exercise....?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 09, 2012 at 10:07 AM


I was wondering if anyone could help me or just have a check over my plan? I have been doing a 30 day challenge for 25 days and so far have only lost about 4 lbs maybe a bit less...

I have been eating a couple of eggs in a frittata (sometimes with 1/2 a sweet potato) for breakfast with some ratatouille (using coconut oil) with a decaf coffee made with coconut milk, a large salad with chicken or tuna or smoked mackerel with a dressing of olive oil or leftover stew and ratatouille for lunch, a stew of chicken or fish with a thai coconut twist or without the milk with a side of steamed veggies, at some point in the day I add in about a cup of butternut squash (again steamed or cooked in a bit of coconut oil). I have had an apple and a small closed fistful of cashews in place of a meal on Sat and Sunday this weekend as I had no on the move food (in fact yesterday I had three apples (?!). I drink about 1.5 litres of water per day. Last week I omitted snacks of apples and nuts completely.

For 25 days I have had no sugar, dairy, no cheats, no grains, no legumes.

Exercise wise I have been doing two step classes per week, 1 or 2 weight sessions, last week I added in 10 mins of 30 second sprint and walks on the treadmill. I have completed 3 10k runs over the last 25 days also and a few swims.

My clothes feel a little looser but nothing like the weight loss I experienced back in the day on low calorie diets! I am doing this because I wanted to feel better about what goes not my body and because I wanted to get rid of the sugar addiction but I am also 14 lbs away from a healthy range and would like to look a bit less weighty. I am 5 ft 8 and weigh 175lbs, my body fat is 33.8%.

I have posted a similar query on here before and thanks so much for the replies to that. I am just wanting to make sure that I am on the right track and that things should start to shift so any tweaks that can be suggested - great!


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on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

So you've lost 4lbs and your clothes are looser? Sounds like a success to me.

Not sure what 30 day challenge you're doing, but Whole30 stipulate that you don't weigh or measure yourself for 30 days, exactly because of the demotivational effect that you are describing. Scales are next to useless and measuring fat loss in a short period (like 25 days).

To lose 4lbs in 25 days, you must have been running a daily calorific deficit of more than 500kcal. That's no mean feat. You probably could lose more weight more quickly using a "low calorie diet" like you did before, but the fact that you're here now kinda proves that you weren't successful in keeping those pounds off.

Losing 4lbs in a sustainable manner is infinitely better than losing more weight quickly by starving yourself, because that weight will almost certainly go straight back on your hips along with some extra.

Well done for what you've achieved so far.


on October 09, 2012
at 02:29 PM

Even though you don't think you are losing weight you are still losing inches. With good nutrition (ie amino acids from good protein sources) your body makes more muscle especially with increased exercise. Muscle is heavy and you are, at the moment, replacing fat with muscle. So you see you really are losing fat weight. Don't skip meals, eat three meals a day. Always have some protein and fat with a meal as this is important to supply amino acids on a regular basis especially as you are exercising. You do not want to lose lean tissue (muscle) and unless you eat adequately you will.

The reason there is an epidemic of Thyroid problems (Hypothyroidism) in women especially, is from having a calorie deficient diet. One of the reasons it's highest in women is because women diet the most. You need to make sure you are having adequate calories for your size and energy expenditure. This is incredibly important for the health of your Thyroid.



on October 09, 2012
at 10:56 AM

I'll assume you're doing the Whole30, if not something extremely similar (no sugar, no dairy, no cheats, no legumes, no grains). Check out Whole9's new blog post on the topic you're curious about: http://whole9life.com/2012/10/six-reasons-why-the-whole30-didnt-work-for-you/

It may help to shed some light on your concern.

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