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Would say and educated guess would-be probably so Boom you whom be in for a question boots yeah sex 63 her sexy x3 maybe is your screen name looks like you said why do I always get pain in my chest and then you proceeded to say that you out late around a lot he spent a lot of time way you know laying down way around I would say that's probably from big part of your problem you just got core circulation in your Thermosculpt Pro body that's kind of manifesting right around your heart right cut its pumping it's working really hard to keep you alive every minute so if you're not moving your body around keeping your most so strong keeping your circulation going I'm it is very you know possible but you know chest pains are gonnaresult Chris drinking more water is going to how looks like somebody's talking about yeah you know you eat and drink allot of sugar that could be partner problem if your nineteen years old in your are you having pains in your chest I'll go ahead and think that is a littered flag for you choose you know change what you???re doing neither just at more fitness into your life or lay off of a sugar I'm we know it seems like in society today there???s with young people are really the they???ve been robbed in a lot of ways in my opinion



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