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Asked on May 02, 2014
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because I thought that this video may be something that a lot of people can benefit from and I wanted to share with you got my weight loss last fitness journey my story how I was able to successfully lose 50 pounds and be able to you keep it off because I think for most people that's the trick being able to keep the way of before get this video started though wanted to first put it out there that I am NOT fitness professional personal trainer nutritionist these aren't just things that worked formed I'm going to share with you five tips that help me lose weight and again be able to maintain our weightless so first of all I wanted to start off by sharing my story as a young child I was always actor inky previous the other 50 random fact about me I share I was in tissue gymnastics competitive gymnastics at that for ten years I what each cue track and field I was also into cheerleading as well as basketball I was always very busy and extracurricular activities I have never ever watched what I put inky mouth when he came to who I never really gained any weight I was just always so active and at that point in my life have really fast metabolisms so weight loss or weight gain or anything of that nature were never ever concerns as I got older in my teens late teens into my twenties is what I've got my now husband isn???t me always used to go out to eat that was my birthday we go to the movies and then we go I T Ewe were always be eating late and then shortly after the going to three I want to say in that my early twenties is when I started to realize that I was putting on some way but it was never to the point where I thought they needed to do anything about it and I always in my mind thought I weighed 150 pounds I don't know where I got the number from but I always thought that 150 pounds was lagging way and I was okay with that I knew that I was getting a little chunky but over I'm still 150 pounds don???t worry about it until one day my mother-in-law was wearing her suitcase because she was traveling abroad in her suitcase need to be no more than 50 pounds



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