how to weigt loss?

Asked on April 28, 2014
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some people are fortunate enough where they have great metabolisms they are already pretty muscular themselves because great genes but there are other people who are the polar opposite and who have started from where you ???restarting now and now they are as healthy as can be regardless they don't give up they keep pushing themselves and they have that motivation that drive you don't want to reach that point in yourlife really fifty years old when you look back you've been diagnosed with some disease or disorder you look back and you say I could change something about myself when I was twenty-year 15 whatever it may be which can it be so much more thankful we get much larger and your physically fit you look like you ten years younger than you actually are because it the way you're taking care of yourself so basically to sum up this mindset part I just want to state that you only haveone life you can look at the way you lie you can go down the wrong path thoughts for you desire you could be making on healthy choices you could be putting yourself at risk for diseases and disorders in the future or you could be doing the polar opposite start taking care of yourself right now be in the moment live in the moment right now and be the best version of yourself despite this video the real question at the end of the days what do you want it's the first thing is to eliminate your sugar no sugar sweetie sure has been proven to be the easiest way to gain weight even from natural sources like honey and maple syrup cell it???s best to just tell the nation are all together should also keep true options lower to help balance on your insulin levels so they don't spank them up because fruit are high in sugar them self related to sugar say no to stop that's going to help reduce bloating it's going to help with flushing out toxins from your system and also it will prevent you from retaining water because water follow salt the next step is a known fact everyone knows this to drink water and warm water I'm I keep water one up all the time it will almost always catch me with a drink up some sorry it's either water green smoothie or its green tea or simply chain if you don???t like plain tasting water you can add lemon slices cucumber Shockey'sblueberries any kind trooped were even some



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