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Answered on October 09, 2014
Created October 06, 2014 at 9:37 PM


I am on a low-ish carb paleo diet now- I get between 50- 100 g of carbs/a day depending on the day. I exercise (strength train- ballet, pilates, yoga) 3-4 days a week. I have a couple non-paleo treats on the weekend-but not every weekend- like alcohol or chocolate. Never grain. Rarely dairy or excess sugar. And I very rarely eat nuts- maybe twice a month. Anyway, I'm fit, I don't need to lose weight, but I would like tone up and lose 5-10 lbs particularly from my lower body- butt, thighs. Is there any way I could do this healthily, sustainably, and in a way that won't cause my hormones to go crazy?

Just to let you know, I'm not interested in hearing: "a little meat on the bones is attractive, you should just love yourself as you are, appreciate your thicker body type, appreciate what your body can do and not how it looks, thigh fat is healthier than stomach fat" and so on and so forth.

Any advice to tone up is appreciated!


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3 Answers


on October 07, 2014
at 02:09 PM

How many calories? The carbs are a bit high for low-carb, I mean 100g a day is like 4 bananas. You have three choices: 1. cut the carbs down, to less than 50g/day, or 2. cut calories (eat less, quit snacking, or skip a meal if you're not hungry), or 3. jog, 1-3 miles a day should do it (just don't increase food intake or you'll undo the work). You could combine more than one strategy as well.

By the way, respect for that last paragraph, I hate when people say things like "well you look just great with that sack of fat hanging from your gut..." or "don't worry, that's normal, we're supposed to have an ass full of cellulite as we get older..." BS! I don't need no damn sympathy, I'd rather lose the gut than protect my precious little feels from being hurt. All this sensitivity garbage just makes people feel good (or less bad) about looking like crap and begets laziness since it kills the motivation to improve.


on October 07, 2014
at 05:07 PM

Thanks for replying! I usually don't make it to 100g carbs a day. I would say it's usually 50-75. I think I'll watch my carb intake and keep it around 50 while adding a little more cardio- like a jog or sprints. I'll also watch my caloric intake. 

I just wonder if it's an estrogen clearance issue as well and what measures to take to clear it up (if needed). 

Also, thanks for your perspective (regarding my last paragraph). I agree! Also, we should be able to pursue the aesthetic we prefer. I'm a dancer, so being at a low(er) weight is important- especially if I'm being lifted! Muscles and lines are more prominent too, which is helpful both aesthetically and for correct placement/posture. I'm just worried about the "female athlete triad" we hear so much about now. 


on October 09, 2014
at 09:56 PM

You might want to try experimenting with intermittent fasting to get the last few lbs off and get the look your're going for. Might be difficult with such an active workout schedule but whenever you can find a day to try it out.


on October 09, 2014
at 01:13 PM

I added sprinting once a week to my routine (yoga, bodyweight exercise) and lost 3 lbs that I've been trying to get rid of for the past few years. Now I also have hormonal imbalance and added maca and chasteberry around the same time and started doing bentonite clay a few times a week as well (possible candida), so I can't be 100% positive it's the sprinting alone. I can never just do one thing at a time! I followed the sprinting suggestions on MDA. I love it because it's my quickest workout all week.

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