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make that article for you allow just in case you're interested in reading writing me find its be very helpful in your own weight loss journey city finally getting tax with my story and this whole Safer Colon weightless journey I won't tell you that's I am proof that you can do this you can do this without family friends a support money you don't have to have money take you know go through all weight loss transformation this you can do this and you now along the way I in my way all series and then show you how to do this and I hope you guys will stick around and enjoy the channel and enjoy everything happy thank you from the star Getty Avecondensed background at my story because they can you know I believe that things that happen when you are young really it back to you are and who you are going to be great hunt going life I throughout theme lower-middle-class output Rican family and I was told that I was going to be eighty facts my whole life I was told that from a very young age I'm in my family nobody really cared about calories and fat we can't live this life than you know eating healthy I don't I do it never even knew what that was until I was in my early



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