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Asked on March 14, 2014
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milligrams soak him no sugar alright old I'm going to be doing K for or K okay for call we have 24 for can't Keller per could a I don't necessarily think they will dairy when it comes down called is old great this yes this is an ass for grams of fiber and things like that and just plain great outlook whole flying I forms all lecture that long fell I just its here health going to take whole one a kiss Kelly and 0 hearts K at this story our escorted how in a hurry or you can do this a different way stars 0 I'm going to go okay Creole my state here me Porsche Inc the okay lyso cleanse that re okay and a and didn't want on Sat I'm going to go-ahead and chant I have my baby here and I'm going to basically split bacon up like host as for smaller a column just letting my8q really arm I guess Chris be over there on one side the hold it let it cook a little bit more going to repeat of course if you want to push current sprayed over there here babe what you can I'll action Satires up to I'm going to cause a for 60 calories two parts for Charles called and test and death hours left of course you can always have food or something on the side the this is all the time have a half they can 88 and cheese she's melted in it looks he is curve morning UK said no other fearful Morenci okay from arm she morning going to be. some yogurt from told so we have to mark and Nick.


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