how loss weight?

Asked on April 29, 2014
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on something like a new year's resolution you say okay I'mgonna gone you know loop I'm try to lose some weight I'm gunnery to embark on an exercise program after release in the quiet here what happens on the inside because if there's a if there's a little I'm voice you know come in the background saying you'll never be able to do this so why bother you know you want to really pay attention to that voice and simply by noticing that voice you become you have some distance between you and the voice and the moment you have that distance in granting we call it the sliver white anytime you know you have that sliver like then you become the one that witnesses the conversation and as the one that witnesses that then you can say you know what I want to hear this funk I don't have to buy it you know yes is not what I want occasionally you???ll hear something that has some value like eat your vegetables he Schumacher you???re going to die you know so eat your vegetables what Islay to people if take what you want just imagine what you're hearing on the inside is a great big baler vegetables okay take out what you want right in leaving what you don't want to eat good analogy though a lot of times it's like okay you know eat your vegetables that's amok thing to eat you know to take but you should not you know you you'regonna be a louse if you don't ever you never going to get it together the


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