Paleo/Weight Loss/ what am I doing wrong?

Answered on March 23, 2014
Created March 23, 2014 at 3:54 PM

I've been eating Paleo for the last four weeks, and have kept my calories consistent, between 12-1400 a day. I have eaten the occasional half a banana, drank a glass of red wine once on the weekends and have kept dairy in my diet (about a serving a day, usually greek yogurt). even with these 'splurges' I've kept wheat, rice, corn, processed foods out of my diet and my calories consistent. I am 5'5, weigh 135 and have a lot of fat to lose. I have also been running 2 miles 3-4 days a week and sometimes doing cross-fit types of work outs at a local gym. My question is this, For the last month, I've only dropped 1.5 lbs. I'm a little concerned I'm doing something wrong because I really don't want to lower my calorie intake any more. I don't think I've built too much muscle because I haven't been lifting very consistently. I want to drop maybe ten pounds in the next two months. What is halting my progress? I am cutting out dairy this week to try that out, anyone have similar situations or advice?

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on March 23, 2014
at 06:18 PM

There are a million things that can be contributing (hormones, sleep, etc.), but I think the first problem is focusing on weight loss. I really don't think Paleo is a weight loss plan in itself. It's a way to gain energy, heal your body, and be healthier. Weight loss and health aren't the same thing. It took me a very long time to realize that. Just looking at what you've written, I'd guess you aren't eating enough. I would increase your calories, stop the running and do sprints instead, and start lifting. I would stop looking at the scale too. Not only is it completely arbitrary, but it messes with your head. You are at a healthy weight for your height, but you said you need to lose fat, so what's the point of the scale? It isn't really telling you anything.You'd be better off checking your progress in a pair of jeans. Try to focus on how strong you're getting. I know that's easier said than done, but if you can shift your thinking to what your body can accomplish, rather than what it can lose, you'll feel a lot better and start seeing results (just possibly not the results you initially intended on).

Good luck!!

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