Your goal great leading alright let's

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Your goal great leading alright let's do this call for you go I just was worry full of anxiety it's going to be enough you know all his hard work is again if the enough all I show us you spot and yet to lose forty thousand days three that's a challenge and chases stepped up that he did a give the whole way with a smile on his face like I do you recognize this guy for yeah space their your 250 pounds you're interested you can say let's go you my friend have lost 147 pounds in the last nine months the cats he's lost 4.6 percent of the original body weight slot at Slendera Garcinia Cambogia least I know that I can walk tube a doctor so his office tomorrow essay looked out here's proof they need this they deserve this now that this skin is in a way it really is a go just so I can get set him on all the time now HIV is he a great job on through this are you alright so good to see you CEO on a scale of one to 10 how nervous was I going to meet doctor soaker I was probably about a hundred I felt like I was going to pass out weeks allowing you to this place and I want to make sure we will skip rope some I say but sounds like he worked pretty hard to get to this yeah okay if I don't qualify for the skin surgery I???ll be devastated so your arms to me seem disproportionately farce I compared the recipe would you say that's true yes okay and you have probably a good 8inches a skin in this direction that's a lot of scanned saucepan that is hanging Slendera Garcinia Cambogia from the lower aspect if you are the other thing I'd it's interesting about your ad demand is this long diagonal scar here have a caller has he actually did their first topically and then my livercharlene and he hit going that way said I S itself they have to convert to the lady that actually changes a little bit but I per procedure we do and how he would do it I in patients who.


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