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Be culture you sleep in this in this and not giving you the respect that we need so it's not I want to talk about why it???s so essential the especially through the prism metabolic health but just said that you leave here tonight understanding isle is a priority but one of the problems etc with we with considering see it as a priority is after all the season racist if we actually don't know why we say what some people say I will be through the financial no they're not a hundred percent sure is essential because we come find purpose for it so it's question excuse me beguiling people for quite some time now and inviting the 1800s 1895 a good race that is actually totally sleep-deprived puppies to see what would happen and the puppies died and I fairly quickly that research went by the bind that he really talked about it much at all untimed-nineteen seventies be there was a resurgence in sleep presage and a group then took a deep breath and sleep-deprived anti-free in the rest I'll at Providence surprise you given what happened at the pump however what might surprise you is just how quickly these rats Todd if you total the proper rested flew into force on they die around about day for chain if it only saw them they die around about a food day icing if you totally deprived in a sleigh Diane about day 16 that puts late right square


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