The Thermosculpt Pro Supplement Scams

Asked on August 07, 2014
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why the heat plate was heating up and the other one was and I just I don't know I don't know what's going ThermosculptPro on so now I'm actually using it the new me flat iron which is just as amazing I'm it's even better because I like that it has the temperature control on a break here and they have like these little ever read cleats if you can see it heats up super fast and at the edges are nice and rounded so if you want to do any kind of crawling with your flat iron you could be better turn its back way of stuff so as you can see I like to use the smaller in dove that wide tooth comb that I showed you using car wire flat ironing is just going to make it a lot easier on you cannot gonnaburn your hand by touching your really hot here that's also to smooth out any matter anything wire straightening so that's going to again just make it way easier and faster for you Street here I also just work in sections but I???m straighten my hair this is the best way to ensure that all your hair's getting stray and in a couple it takes me about 15 10 to15 minutes history here do this got these hiccups are ridiculous color but so after blow dry and straighten mohair and I decide if I want any more volume but this is what I do I'm going to show you guys rights now live in any camera I use the Paul Mitchell extra bodyDailyBooth this is a true lecture can I do actually spray it on my I dry hair so what I did you is %ah just determine where I want extra volume which is always up in this area so I a key and I'll take it this far peace going to spread this three-letter railroad writer ocean girl going to use it this Revlon ironic it doesn't spin or anything like that it's just kind of like the heat press this said and then you just have more value in this area and sometimes I'll go all like around the current like this whole partly guide to the size and everything but for the video I just do that from parts you guys.

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