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The costs in Iraqi cook making her way there were other body going rocky go gate???s told her about four weeks away from addition and a new member a fish on ray family so we???ll keep you apprised on that lot to new life coming into this world I Triple H remains up big body Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse belief and that perhaps join us here on the show once again soon but first we've reached the end our number one year on pro bodybuilder weekly.

I don't go anywhere Larry is standing by in Las Vegas with Johnnie Jackson for tonight addition a pep talk big thanks to our guest search new gray for bob trigger on that Solomon pep talk starts right now the time you're listening to bodybuilding his number one rated multimedia Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse production the full Monty leading weekly broadcast network now girl bodybuilding and fitness website including bodybuilding dot com on number one good bodybuilding website in the hearing standby good vision a pep talk with bodybuilding insider Larry glide from lass Vegas pro bodybuilding weekly spam dog is live in five poor 3 true moron alright welcome to another edition a pep talk I am your host Larry Baer may have to say that that was a very fascinating here hear from search their right not just on the history but his training and nutrition I think he said 800 grams of protein away I can't even imagine but obviously it worked for him so I was nice to have a Mon I also nice to have on your I a favored featherweight champion we had him on the left addition a pep talk and BFS over so well received that it was actually picked.


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