Low T3 remedies?

Answered on January 01, 2014
Created January 01, 2014 at 6:40 PM

I have been doing a lot of research lately on hypothyroid. I have many symptoms of hypothyroid but only my T3/fT3 comes back as low, all other values normal. The interesting thing is that I have had my thyroid levels checked 3 different times in the past 6 weeks. Each time, my T3 has dropped. It started at 60-something, then dropped to 50, and then came back at 48 this most recent time, which was approx one week after the second draw (the third draw was a recheck of T3/T4 to go along with the free T3/4 that was ordered). My free T3 was also low.

Based on these findings, the endocrinologist has no further assistance to offer because everything else still comes back normal. So I'm wondering if anyone has had something similar to this, how they treated it, etc. My biggest issue is weight gain, and now I'm noticing significantly sized bruises popping up after very minor bumps.

I just started another Whole30, I've been paleo since my first W30 in May 2013. I'm also investigating the option of seeing a naturopath. I have several bowel issues, including a small bowel resection, lots of scar tissue and many small bowel obstructions. I know that gut health and thyroid health can be interconnected. I'm just trying to explore all options and seek guidance from like-minded people.

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on January 01, 2014
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Robb Wolf linked to this article yesterday on Twitter, and others have made similar articles in the past: http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/12/how-hormones-make-you-fat/ This is what has happened to me too: the T3 going down and the Reverse T3 going up (which is why the T4 is normal, because it works as much as it should, but it produces the wrong hormone: rT3 instead of T3). Dr Jack Kruse has gone into more depth, trying to find the root of why this happens, and he ended up with the same conclusions as the article linked above. Basically, at the root, there's Pregnenolone to blame, and the issue is more complex than just "having too low T3". It reveals a broken body metabolically with lots of other hormonal issues (thyroid is just the visible end result of these other hormones going haywire). Other symptoms of that condition is high triglycerides (even if on Paleo for a long time), and fatty liver (normal Paleo dieters lose their fatty liver within weeks, but not in cases like this -- like in my case). Also, losing weight is hard in this condition, it just doesn't shed off.

IF you're on very low carb Paleo/keto, this could be the reason usually why this happened now. Paul Jaminet has also posted an article about this: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2011/09/high-ldl-on-paleo-revisited-low-carb-the-thyroid/ The remedy in this specific case of coming out of Paleo-ketognenic is to eat more carbs (between 120 and 150 gr of "net" carbs per day should bring your T3 back up -- which is still considered low carb, but not super-low carb). At that point, IF you're still trying to lose weight and that amount of carbs don't help you lose (like in my case), then you start counting calories (very unfortunately and very painfully -- as I can attest).

But IF you were NOT on Paleo-keto and the source of the trouble is broken metabolism/hormones, then the remedy is to take your time to heal your body. It takes a lot of time to fix metabolic syndrome/SIBO.

Sorry for the bad news, I'm on the same boat...

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