Can I drink olive oil or any other vegetable oil to gain weight?

Commented on June 02, 2015
Created June 01, 2015 at 7:33 PM

I'm very skinny

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2 Answers



on June 02, 2015
at 03:11 PM

 Fat digestion needs lipase. If you intake large amounts of processed fat like olive oil, which has been scrubbed of any lipase, you may not digest it well if your own production is inadequate. Consider eating avocado, cured olives, or sprouts from fatty seeds like sunflower or flax with the olive oil.



on June 02, 2015
at 10:32 AM

Olive oil is fine, you might not gain weight from it depending onw hat your insulin is doing.  To raise your insulin so that you do store the fats you consume, you'll also need to consume some carbs.  You're probably better off making sure you also consume some protein as gaining fat isn't as great as also gaining some muscle.


That said, while olive oil is wonderful, "vegetable" oil is not.  Stay away from things like corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, unspecified "vegetable" oil which is likely a combination of whatever's cheapest the day it was sourced, etc.  Those things are outright harmful to our health.




on June 02, 2015
at 04:55 PM

But messing with insulin isn't dangerous?

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