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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 21, 2013 at 10:34 PM

Hi guys I would like to upload a pic of myself like a lot of people have but can't seem to "Suss" it out! Is there a way or do you need to be registered for a certain amount of time first? Also can't find a log in/out bit is there one? I filled out the name, location and about me sections earlier and it was gone again later so maybe I didn't save or maybe I needed to log in?! Any help appreciated!



on May 21, 2013
at 11:18 PM

To add a user icon to paleohacks, go to gravatar.com and sign up using the same email. Add a picture then click 'Check this gravatar.' You might have to refresh / clear your browser cache to see the changes.



on May 21, 2013
at 10:36 PM

Forgot to say it says the site only knows who I am through cookies which is why I thought maybe there is a way to login etc??!!

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2 Answers



on May 22, 2013
at 12:41 AM

  1. Register your PH account. Click 'login', and 'register new account'
  2. Associate an image at gravatar.com with the same email you used to register for this site.



on May 22, 2013
at 06:55 AM

Thanks for the help will get on it tonight!!

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