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Answered on August 19, 2014
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My questions are about water. Having converted to a VLC-Paleo-esque diet I feel the need for less water per day. I have heard the index for optimal water intake is the colour of urine(a pale yellow), and that one can gauge how much one requires at a given time on this (other?) basis? That being said I consume much less water than previously with a similar urine colouration. Why? Does minimizing carbs enable one to consume less water(less absorbed by starches/utilized for their breakdown or some such..?)? How much water is optimal for the average person(minimal sweat, average height and weight, male)? It has been mentioned on this site that consumption of water excelerates lipogenesis. I can't agree with this proposition as diet-induced lipogenesis necessitates ergo-/thermo-genic producing substances mainly and water only increases the osmotic pressure in blood vessels. How then would water consumption be proportional(up to a given point) to lipogenesis? Also, re: water filtration. Does the old BRITA jug work? Or should tap water be the recourse(no bottled water)? Wouldn't the hard plastic in the jug contain BPA and this would leach into the filtered water? What recommendations would anyone have as to how/how much water to drink on average?

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on May 07, 2011
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I am fortunate enough to have a fresh water spring not far from home that is free. www.findaspring.org Perhaps there is one close to you. The water wells up out of some rocks and someone shoved a pipe in there to make it easier to fill bottles. No runoff just fresh, constant temp water year round.

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