How much water is too much?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created December 03, 2012 at 1:04 PM

What do you think? Can drinking too much water be toxic and if yes - how much is too much :) ?



on December 03, 2012
at 03:58 PM

i agree with dave.



on December 03, 2012
at 02:36 PM

If you die, then that was too much.

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4 Answers



on December 03, 2012
at 01:30 PM


64 ounces of pure water every day may actually be too much for some people. (2)

let your thirst be your guide, and adjust your fluid intake depending on your lifestyle and environment. If you are relatively sedentary, live in a cold climate, don???t sweat much, or eat water-rich foods, you probably don???t need to be drinking eight cups of water a day.



on December 03, 2012
at 04:09 PM

I think overhydration is definitely a real thing, and I also think you're more likely to be so afflicted on a cleaner diet due to the lack of sodium you would be getting from eating processed foods. N=1, but I feel better upping sodium instead of decreasing water, although either would be an option.



on December 03, 2012
at 07:02 PM

Just drink when you're thirsty. I never paid attention to the '8 glasses of water' some days I may have 2, others 10. It really depends. Humidity, activity level. Also, I drink loads when I'm thirsty, haha. Bad habit


on December 03, 2012
at 02:31 PM

I never force it - I keep a vessel of water with me 24/7 and drink from it all day. I gauge my own thirst and environmental factors to how much I drink.

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