High Fat Diets and Erectile Dysfunction

Answered on January 06, 2020
Created November 04, 2017 at 1:29 PM

Can a high fat diet (Primal, Keto, WAPF, GAPS,  etc.) mess with a man's rockiness down there? 


on June 27, 2018
at 06:15 AM

Only a fewcase studies have examined the amalgamation between diet and erectile dysfunction, the obsevation have generally proved that a diet high in saturated fats and meat and low in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, increases a man's risk of having erectile dysfunction.


on March 17, 2018
at 05:21 AM

You can consult with doctorr whatever your confusion is about but high stress and smoking effects the rockiness of man in bed.

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13 Answers


on June 27, 2018
at 07:19 AM

Healthy food and fruits like Banana,Eating sugarcane also helps to improve ED proble in men. Well there are many medicine to streat ED but consuming healthy food is much safer the any medicines. Vardenafil is the correct option improve ED.


on January 06, 2020
at 05:11 AM

ED is caused by low blood flow toward private organs. The healthy blood flow proves a strong erection. ED may also be caused due to:

- Smoking


-Un-fit body

- Over Masturbating

-Stress, work (personal, official) pressure.


Healthy eating such as green veggies, fruits, exercise does improve ED in men.



on March 19, 2018
at 06:37 AM

This happens to me on low carb diets, adding more saturated fat has helped me, it boosts testosterone. but in case of ED try medicine like Silagra.

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on December 18, 2019
at 12:37 PM

High fat meal does effet erectile dysfunction issue. For best advice consult with doctor or physical expert for best suggestion and solution.


on July 23, 2018
at 07:10 AM

The bad news about low carb diets (can be high in fats) is they can hit you with erectile dysfunction as carb restriction lowers testosterone, increase stress as well as Reduces Thyroid Function which results in low sexual desire. In case of Erectile Dysfunction, Generic Viagra 100mg is the best option to treat this sexual health issue. It increases the blood flow to the penis and thus enhancing erection.


on July 02, 2018
at 11:32 AM

Few studies have examined that the relation between high fat diet and erectile dysfunction, the findings have generally indicated that a high fat diet high in saturated fat and red meat and low in fiber, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, increases a man's risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

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on November 24, 2017
at 12:36 PM

Talk to your famil doctor. ED is serious health condition.


on August 08, 2019
at 04:20 AM

 Yes, consuming a high fat diet can lead to erectile dysfunction. The excess of fat that you eat accumulates in the body and leads to obesity. Obesity is the major risk factor for developing erectile dysfunction. One should maintain healthy weight by performing regular exercise and consuming healthy diet. One can also take Generic Viagra, a medication that helps men to restore the erectile function.


on December 27, 2018
at 06:15 AM

Men who eat less red meat, processed food items , sugar, and eat more fruits and veggies,whole grains are less likely to experience ED issues

Obesity is a primary risk factor for diabetes, high BP , and erectile dysfunction. Extra belly fat affects with your ability to send sufficient blood to the penis. It can even harm blood vessel lining and cause testosterone levels to drop

To overcome This Super P Force 100mg tablets Dapoxetine is needed but before taking any of this medicine consult the doctor


on December 17, 2018
at 12:49 PM

To improve your cholesterol levels, try evading foods that are great in saturated fats.

These include:

red meat
whole-fat dairy
oils like palm oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil
Also avoid nutriments high in trans fats. Sources of trans fats contain processed foods such as:

frozen breakfast sandwiches
microwave popcorn
fried fast foods
frozen pizza
sugary treats such as cakes, pies, doughnuts, and cookies


on December 17, 2018
at 06:00 AM

High-fat diet absolutely affects erectile dysfunction. High-fat meals will not slow down your body but also slow down erectile dysfunction. You can take help of healthy meals that include lean meats, whole grains, and vegetables are better options it helps you to maintain and sustain erection problems.


on November 20, 2017
at 09:28 PM


There's no mechanism by which this would even occur. 



on November 13, 2017
at 07:45 PM

Unlikely as we need saturated fats and cholesterol to produce hormones such as testosterone.

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