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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 14, 2012 at 6:20 PM

I apologize for the guys/the squeamish in advance, but here goes:

I'm struggling to stay paleo consistently for about two weeks out of the month. I love eating paleo (VLC style suits me best) but I get hit with so much fatigue, nausea, aches, general 'bleh' and whatnot that the only thing I can fathom dragging my ass out of bed for is something sweet/greasy/fatty or salty and quick to make/served by someone else. Like tempura or oodles of sushi...or ice cream, oh gods ice cream.

But busting out the frying pan and chopping all the veggies and then cleaning all the dishes and...oh heeellls no.

Eating low-carb like I do for the rest of the month (which normally keeps me going strong and awesome) just doesn't fill me up. I can eat mounds of bacon, eggs in coconut oil, shrimp or berry smoothies (which normally--I'm good to go with!) and I'm still shaky, tired and PISSED OFF. The mood swing scares me---like the sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing wanting to die.

Gimme some toast or dairy? Annnd suddenly the world is rosy. I'll feel bloated and disgusting in about an hour---but emotion-wise everything is rainbows. I've tried doing paleo carbs with no luck.

If anyone can gimme some help I'd be grateful.

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4 Answers



on November 14, 2012
at 08:33 PM

No need to apologize for talking about a women's issue. This is not a men's forum.

Try to find paleo alternatives to the foods you crave, and worry less about being strictly paleo and more about eating natural, whole foods. For example, eat white potatoes, nightshades, fruit and nuts to your heart's content. If you are craving chocolate, go for raw cacao products. If you're craving carbs, make a nice potato dish. Keep these foods in the house so you go to them when you have cravings. Don't keep unhealthy foods in the house.



on November 14, 2012
at 10:22 PM

Sounds like Estrogen dominance to me. I would suggest getting your hormone levels checked and look into some herbal remedies for women suffering serious PMS symptoms. I use Wild Yam cream and it works wonders for me. Paleo really wreaked havoc on my hormones and it took awhile to get them stabilised.


on November 14, 2012
at 10:09 PM

Two words: adrenal fatigue.

Look into taking liquorice root powder a few times a day; find a good quality vitamin C; get plenty of sleep. Meditate to ease stress. Find a good multi B vitamin. I take multi B#6 from Thorne Research. My last period was actually relatively easy, and consistent. I was STUNNED.

Eat sweet potatoes when you're PMS-ing; Mark Sisson had an awesome post about eating more starch before that time of the month. If I can find it, I'll post it. The long and the short of it is, you can tolerate starchy yumminess as your body WANTS IT SO BAD.

I don't ever, EVER hinder my cravings for chocolate during TTOTM; I find good quality, dark chocolate and eat the fuck out of it. I eat so strict otherwise, that I allow it, and don't feel guilty.

But if I eat shitty chocolate, I feel a little ill. European chocolate is best.



on November 14, 2012
at 07:06 PM

Try upping your Magnesium.

Dark chocolate is a good source & a Mag Glycinate supplement before bed will help with sleep, if needed. 400-600 mg should do.

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