Did paleo hack my shyness?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 13, 2011 at 7:57 PM

I used to be a damn shy boy. I wouldn't open my mouth unless I absolutely had to. As soon as I got to know people better I wouldn't shut up. I always hated my fear of opening my mouth, tried to hack it in some way.

This year, I got really sick and had a blood test done. It told me that I had been living with a mold allergy and a huge vitamin D deficiency (optimal is 100 I heard, I had 9). I started Bee's Candida Diet (which is basically vlc with tons of coconut oil and quite some clean supplements, no additives, allergens, ...). Result : I lost quite some fears (fear of heights, fear of talking, fear of the dark, ...). Those fears weren't that big in the first place, but they really improved.

Is this all due to the placebo effect, or did my bad diet had a really bad effect on my mind?



on April 01, 2012
at 12:24 PM

That depends on the units, mari :)



on August 13, 2011
at 08:10 PM

Optimal is probably lower than 100. Maybe 45-65ish. You were still very deficient though.

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3 Answers



on August 13, 2011
at 08:44 PM

This is definitely more than just a placebo effect. We had an interesting conversation about something similar here.



on August 13, 2011
at 08:08 PM

hi korion! i do think your new diet helped! changng my diet definitely changed my brain.

have you seen this question? http://paleohacks.com/questions/43140/personality-changes-from-doing-paleo#axzz1UwFIcOse

glad you're feeling better. :)


on August 13, 2011
at 08:01 PM

Personally, I believe that any answer that could be given would have to include a multiplicity of factors. Do I think feeling better is one of those factors? Sure. Does diet matter? Absolutely. Are you getting older and therefore changing over time? Quite possibly.

There's a lot of things to consider and parse. You probably could spend hours posting the different factors in your life and how they've evolved/changed, and that all would figure in.

Anyway, Dr. Emily Deans (google her) probably most directly speaks to what you're talking about and hinting at. Take care and congrats on the good news of you feeling better!

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