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Asked on March 31, 2012
Created March 31, 2012 at 4:19 PM

I just finished up about 4 months of being keto. I weighed about 180 and about 15-17% bf to 172 and 8% bf. I am really pleased with the results that I "had" from keto. I am sure a lot of it is my head but with the little bit of water weight that I put back on my moral is very low.

I think that I should also not that, as of march 2011 I weighed in at over 225, I am not 100% paleo but I stay away from anything pre-wrapped and prepared for me.

I recently got started with carb cycling to ease my way back into carbs all low GI. Does anyone see anything wrong with my Macros here, My weight/fat loss is stagnant but I am making very good strength gains and I am no longer beat from my workouts.

I started off with a zig-zag approach high carb (HC)/moderate carb (MC)/ low carb (LC)

HC day 2700 cal 39% carb 38% pro 23% fat

MC day 2500 cal 33% carb 42% pro 25% fat

LC day 2286 cal 27% carb 44% pro 29% fat

I recently switched up to 3 day zero carb or very close to it with cal not exceding 2000 and then a high carb day where I pretty much just replace fat with rice veggies and oatmeal. I am already thinking that this diet is not going to work either.

It almost seems like my body was meant to be is a constant state of keto, I am sure when it comes to physical apperance alot of it is in my head but I while I was doing the Keto diet my head was perfectly clear and the only downside was ZERO libido although constant morning wood.

In case anyone was going to tell me to go back to Keto, I plan on it the only problem is that I have a 2 month deployment coming up and I wanted to get my body adjusted to the food that will be available to me while I am gone by reintroducing carbs. Any help or pointers are much appreciated.

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