Best version of paleo for pre diabetic and diabetic people?

Answered on March 31, 2015
Created March 31, 2015 at 10:06 AM

How should a pre diabetic man and a diabetic man go about paleo with the goal of reversing diabetes?


??I bought the paleo solution last week and am doing it to hopefully cure gout.


??Both my brother and uncle read the book and now want to do it. One is full blown diabetic the other is pre diabetic.



??Low carb

Auto immune

regular paleo (fruits, starches)

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2 Answers

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on March 31, 2015
at 12:54 PM

Start doing the 900 calories a day of exercise Cordain recommends. Every day.

First priority should be getting your weight and waistline to normal. Especially waistline, which is a good indicator of your internal visceral fat. Packing your internal organs in fat interferes with their function.

Paleo diet is helpful to move you away from high glycemic foods, but the underlying problem for T2D is probably being overweight. Paleo diet can help with controlling overeating too. But to measurably improve the situation the fat has to go.



on March 31, 2015
at 10:42 AM

If you mean T2D, then the answer is to stay very low carb, but not zero carb, ~50g/day, and the carbs you get should be from safe starch sources such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, etc, or you could go all the way to a full on ketogenic diet, but watch out for high cortisol levels.


You'd also get glucometers and test constantly to be sure.

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