What happens when you apply a topical agent to an open wound?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 03, 2011 at 8:47 PM

If you apply honey to a wound, the vitamin E (and other stuff?) gets used and helps promote wound healing. How does the body use vitamins (or other stuff) site-specifically instead of processing the vitamin and distributing it equally throughout the body, like I assume it would when absorbed via-digestion?

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on July 03, 2011
at 09:39 PM

1) vitamin E does not help wound healing, in fact several studies indicate that it can slightly slow wound healing and causes contact dermatitis in 30-50% of individuals.

2)honey, as an enzymatic antimicrobial humectant, works not only via "moist wound healing" (google it) but also because it can dissolve dead tissue and because various anti-microbial agents in the honey reduce bacterial counts on/in the wound and reduce risk of infection.

3)oral/systemic agents can also improve wound healing time and reduce scarring - sufficient (not excessive) amounts of protein, A, zinc, C all have known beneficial effects.



on July 03, 2011
at 09:43 PM

Hi Meghan,

I'm not convinced that vitamin E and other topical supplements promote wound healing.

The best way to promote wound healing is to prevent infection, and topical honey has antibacterial properties, and thus promotes wound healing in this way.

It is interesting to note that ordinary table sugar (sucrose) also promotes wound healing, but it contains no vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, etc. Sugar and honey work by reducing the amount of water available to bacteria in the wound.



on July 03, 2011
at 10:06 PM

To tell you the truth I've read conflicting reports about the efficacy of topical vitamin E; some studies show it helping, some hindering and some having no effect.

I think that the type of wound involved is important, as if I remember correctly the studies showing a negative effect were mainly "open wounds" e.g. post surgery patients, whilst the beneficial effect was limited to certain types of scarring, principally striae.

However, some dermatologists have theorised that even in the cases where vitamin E is helpful, this may not be due to the substance in itself, but the corollary mechanical action of massage breaking down the scar tissue.



on July 06, 2011
at 10:45 PM

I had an open wound of sorts (huge tattoo), and the topical antibacterial ointment for sure was absorbed -resulting in a hospital trip for a soy reaction. Bioidentical hormone cream is also absorbed through the skin, no open wound needed.



on July 03, 2011
at 11:50 PM

As a diabetic, i have had my fair share of open wounds. Unfortunately I have tried every remedy homeopathically that there is and none of them worked for me. I got a staph infection last year and had to have my leg lanced creating a very large open wound. It took 4 months and many anti-biotics, and what ultimately worked was a product called Silva-sorb. It's made with medical grade Silver!!! this by far was the greatest product ever!! Silver will heal your wounds!! I have used it on minor cuts also, and it is the best thing ever!!

If you have open wounds, don't mess around with them. I'm not big on doctors, but I am not stupid!! There is plenty of technology to cure things like this.

I also must say that since going Paleo I have not been even remotely sick even being around people with colds and I no longer have any inflammation in my system and am pain free 2 months now for the first time in 25 years!!

I have lowered my fasting blood glucose from 190 2 months ago to 105 yesterday!!!

Tim find me on facebook http://facebook.com/bigtimsprimaljourney



on July 03, 2011
at 09:59 PM

honey works because the sugar kills bacteria but it also keeps the wound moist, moist wounds heal 50% faster, dried out wounds are more prone to infection

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