Vitamins for Infants?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 13, 2012 at 4:13 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom to a one-week old boy. I've been (mostly) Paleo for a bit over two years. I'm exclusively breastfeeding (going well) and the doc recommended Poly-Vi-Sol for our son. He said if the baby doesn't like it to at least give Vitamin D daily. I looked up the ingredients on PolyViSol and I'm not sold on all the extra stuff. But, looking on PH, I've seen many recommendations for Carlson D drops, which I know and like the brand.

So, my question is, if I'm eating a pretty good diet myself (or at least most of the time) do I need to worry about giving my baby any vitamin/supplements? Any recommendations? Do you think the D drops are needed/enough/good?

In looking around this site as well as WAPF and Chris Kresser, I saw lots of info on what to do while pregnant, but not necessarily after the baby's arrival.

Thanks in advance!



on June 13, 2012
at 04:51 PM

Personally, I would not. If you are eating well and the breast feeding is going well, there should be no reason to supplement.

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on June 13, 2012
at 05:05 PM

My sister was also told to supplement her three week-old son with D3 drops (on nipple during breastfeeding). However, she has found that taking him into the sun for a few minutes a day is not only super relaxing, but a lot easier on his tummy.

I think people are recommended to supplement with D3 while breastfeeding because we are not in the sun as much as necessary these days. For the past fifty years or so, formula has made this less of an issue, as it's fortified with vitamins and other "interesting" stuff.

There was a great book written in the 80's (that is surprisingly not outdated) by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn called "How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor". It might be a nice resource for you now that your little one is here.

Congrats and get some sleep!



on June 13, 2012
at 06:01 PM


I was using the Poly-Vi-Sol drops and they have terrible ingredients (artifical color, flavoring) and are synthetic. Now using Carlson Vit D. I think the Vit D doesn't hurt to add since it can be hard for anyone to get enough Vit D- but if you are eating a healthy diet I really do not think you need to worry. Most mothers are not consuming high-quality protein and other healthy foods and thus their breast milk is not as nutritious as it should be. And, depending on where you live, the sun is always a great source!



on June 13, 2012
at 09:49 PM

My wife has been doing 9 months of breast feeding with our little one, and up to the 5 month mark that was his sole food supply. We didn't do any supplements, mainly because we don't think babies need anything other than breast milk. Granted, we live in sunny Colorado so I'm sure he gets a good amount of D naturally plus whatever goodness he gets from paleo breast milk.

We've viewed everything the doctor "recommends" view the lens of "what would Jane cavewoman do?" And based on that analysis, we just feed him breast milk plus pureed food from our dinner plate: that is, he eats what we eat.

We strongly believe in "kids are just little people" and treat him as such.


on June 13, 2012
at 08:45 PM

I believe that breast milk doesn't have much vitamin D. I supplement with D-drops (a Canadian brand) that only contains vegetable oil and D3. I would recommend you do this too, unless you baby lives close to the equator and spend most of his day outdoors, naked.

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