Vitamin D 33ng/ml?(84nmol/l) how much should i supplement?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 09, 2012 at 6:09 AM

Okay i live in new zealand and i thought its not that far south and i sunbathe regularly even in winter. i got my vit d levels tested it was 84nmol/l(33ng/ml). doctor said normal levels were between 50-150nmol/l. i converted it and thought 33 was a bit low.(mercola says 50-70ng/ml was optimal, 70-100 for cancer) i am really tired so i thought maybe it should even be higher than 70. then again i still am tired in the summer where i get massive amounts of sunlight.(my skin color is east asian). i got a prescription for D3(few days before) three tablets of 50,000IU take one a month. i read on mercola you should take one a week. How much should I take? (my weight is 64 kg, im 16)

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4 Answers



on August 09, 2012
at 10:35 AM

I have a darker complexion & also find it difficult to get enough D3 from sun exposure.

The Vitamin D Council recommends 1,000 IUs per 25 lbs per day of body weight (from sun/supplements) for maintenance. That would be 6,000 IUs/day for you.

In order to get your levels up, I would suggest taking the 50,000 IUs per week for 3 months & then retest.

It's more physiological to take D supplements daily, but once a week is fine. Best to take them with some kind of fatty food for better absorption.

You can buy D3 without a prescription. Ask around for local sources. www.iherb.com ships internationally, but do find out if there are any restrictions in NZ for importing. I know Australia only allows 1,000 IU tablets or caps to be sold/purchased.

Make sure you also take a Magnesium supplement (glycinate or malate, 200-600 mg/day.) Magnesium is a co-factor for D. Also make sure you are getting enough vitamins A & K from your diet.


on August 09, 2012
at 06:39 AM

25IU/kg for 3 weeks and then One or two daily.


on August 16, 2012
at 05:49 AM

I Think "IF YOU ARE TAKING CALCIUM WITH D, DO YOU STILL NEED TO TAKE D3 TOO" As i thought It's better way to take as you ask. Much more information available about Vitamin D3 on http://www.healthace.co.uk/



on August 10, 2012
at 10:00 AM

My question to you is: why do you think being tired is tied up with your vitamin D levels? You're 16. How much sleep are you getting? What other aspects of your life have you looked at?

I live in Christchurch. I do take 1000 IU D3 caps daily in winter, which you can buy from the supermarket. I agree with Dragonfly's advice that co-factors are important.

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