Should I decrease, increase or keep the same Vitamin A supplementation based on my low Vitamin D?

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My Vitamin D levels are 40 ng/mL, and I'm trying to bring them to 50 because my grandmother and mother have osteoporosis. My mother has Vitamin D levels similarly and had to supplement with 1500-2500 IU/day to bring them to 50-60. Below 50 ng/ML of Vitamin D puts people at risk for fractures.

I'm taking the 2 teaspoons daily FCLO (fermented cod liver oil) when I don't eat oily fish (which is 80% of the time), before that I took Carlson cod liver oil (same amount) no difference in Vitamin D levels.

I'm also taking 1 teaspoon of the FBO (fermented butter oil)/daily. Is the Vitamin A from FBO interfering with Vitamin D absorption?

Masterjohn and WAPF have talked about Vitamin A & D ratios. I don't want Vitamin A supplementation competing for Vitamin D.

Should I even take the FBO? Are there things in there I'm not getting through food?

Here is my typical weekly dairy from various foods:

7 cups raw whole milk

1 cup (8 oz) of whole yogurt

half pound (8 oz) pastured butter

1 cup (8 oz) of pastured ghee

Thanks for your help!



on May 18, 2012
at 06:32 PM

I don't think there is ANY evidence that fracture risk is higher at 40ng/ml than at 50 ng/ml.

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