getting the most from sun in temperate climate

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 30, 2011 at 9:58 AM

There is no doubt that sun exposure is a very important factor in maintaining proper health, so I was wondering what can I do to achieve the best possible results with it in my climate ( I live in Poland, which has temperate climate ). Below are few questions that concern me the most:

  1. How much vitamin D ( if any ) can I get from sun exposure ( both on sunny and cloudy days ) in winter and in what amount of time? Which hours are probably the best?

  2. Same question as above but about summer time ( and possibly other seasons )?

  3. What's the impact of wearing cloths?

  4. Any hints or other issues I should consider?

Thank you in advance.

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on November 30, 2011
at 11:15 AM

I live in the uk, and I gather that

1) Theres no vitamin d to be had for half of the year at least (see this calculator: http://nadir.nilu.no/~olaeng/fastrt/VitD-ez_quartMED.html

2)This is answered by the calculator above, but the general gist is that that you get much more vit d around midday

3) The more skin you have exposed the more vit d you produce, as one would expect. Theres also varying amounts of other chemicals produced depending on the area of skin exposed. But if you dont want to get that detailed, just sunbathe topless/in shorts when you can (and if its the right time of day and year)

4) The other main tip is to take vit d3 tablets. I take 5000IU per day all year, for instance, which is both plenty and yet still much less than some trials have shown to be safe (up to 10,000IU to my knowledge)

Hope this helps!

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