cod livers vs cod liver oil

Commented on July 30, 2014
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I live in Iceland and we have canned cod livers (in their own oils) and cod liver pate in all the grocery stores. I've started eating these 115g packs during my pregnancy instead of taking cod liver oil as I found I was unable to tolerate taking shots of the stuff anymore without having mini panic attacks and feeling sick afterwards. The cod liver pate, on the other hand, is fantastic, and I find myself craving it often (along with other liver pates.) The packaging doesnt have very good information about the vitamin levels though! So I have no idea how much Im getting or the balance between A and D (or k2 for that matter). My midwife was totally okay with cod liver oil, called l??si here, and recommend it, but basically forbode me in the same sentence from eating any other liver! The packaging says it contains 9.5g of omega 3 and 50u (weird u symbol) of vitamin D. No percentages.

So basically, does anyone know any more information about vitamin a/d/k2/e in actual cod livers, and why would midwife advise for cod liver oil but against mammal liver? And should I not be eating both? How much is overkill?



on July 30, 2014
at 10:00 PM

i checked a few DB's, but could not find any info on actual cod livers, sorry. hopefully someone else has info.

but they sound great, i've never seen them where i live. do you have any info i can google, product names etc for both cod livers & cod liver pate... i might see if i can order some over the net. thx



on July 30, 2014
at 09:58 PM

the 50u is probably just 50iu of Vit D. i seem to recall seeing it written this way before.

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