If I was too take vitamin c until the point of Diareah once or twice a week, would it be safe?

Commented on February 25, 2016
Created February 21, 2016 at 5:42 AM

I already know about the possibility of kidney stones, but this possibility has been disproven in studies.

I am just wondering if this could be used as a safe way of intermittent fasting.

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on February 25, 2016
at 03:03 PM

I'm not aware of any ill effects.  You will get soft stools as you've said, perhaps this could negatively affect your gut flora, but not sure.

I did come across two articles a few weeks ago.  One said that Vitamin C can be used to detangle or maybe prevent beta-ammyloid deposits, so there's a preventative/palliative effect regarding alzheimer's.

The other said that the mitochondria of cancer cells would absorb it since it's structurally similar to glucose, but since their machinery is damaged, they wouldn't be able to deal with it, and would induce apoptosis in cancerous cells, which is a very good thing, however, normal cells would not be affected by this.  So it could be used along with a zero carb fasting routine.  (Vitamin C in very large doses is an oxidant, not an antioxidant, so it can be used as a form of chemo without it being chemo.  The article said this was used in addition to chemo.)

This is from wetware memory, so I might not have remembered all the exact details, etc.



on February 25, 2016
at 09:34 PM

Thank you

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