Have you tried the Bikila LS on yet?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 28, 2011 at 9:35 PM

I just received my Bikila LS from REI.

I love hiking in my Treksports, have been playing Ultimate Frisbee in them as well.

I had to modify them however, completely removing the strapping system and squeezing my foot inside. I have Very Wide feet, 4-5E width, in addition, I have very Tall Arches.

The Bikila LS adds a tongue, so the top of the elastic isnt pinching on the top of my arch. The Lacing system makes the shoe much wider, so that I can easily slide my foot in, and then with very minimal tightening of the lacing system, im ready to run.

They're lighter, the fabric is ridiculously soft. The toes arent as tight, and the design is better. like a sporty tennis shoe until you get to my toes...

After taking them for a road test.... my Treksports are being retired to "hiking" shoes on rougher terrain.

Have you tried these yet? What is your opinion on the Bikila LS's?

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2 Answers


on March 28, 2011
at 09:46 PM

I recently got a pair and I agree with your assessment of the fit. I have the opposite problem. I have a very narrow foot. I run a lot and put over 1400 miles on my Bikilas. I had a 13.1 a couple of weeks ago and I started to get a little pain on the top of my left foot from the Bikila strap the week before my race. It was the first time I've had that since running exclusively in Bikilas for over a year. Anyway, I went and picked up a pair of the LS the day before my race and they felt great. Soft and no pain on the top. About midway (7 miles) into the race though I started to get a blister on each foot because they were a little looser than my Bikilas. Note, I didn't tighten them on purpose. Since then, I run in them a couple of more time with them tightened and have had less of a problem. They are definitely like Isotoners for your feet! I bought a pair of Injinji socks to wear with them and it helps. I compared them to the Bikilas and I can see that the footbed is wider. Great for anyone who has a hard time with Bikilas or KSOs. I will use these for my shorter runs (10 miles or less) and stick to the Bikilas for speed/long distance.


on March 28, 2011
at 09:49 PM

Love them!!! I got my pair about a month ago and have used them for everything from gym workouts to really messy trail running and hiking. They fit great even though i am a 4E in width also. There is some slight pinching on the top of my foot when i first put them on and adjust them, but after that they fit like a glove. I was slightly skeptical that they would hold up under the abuses of trail running but all of the material proved to be stronger than i thought. An all round great shoe, pity they only come in white :(

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