Vegetables...Do we really need them?

Answered on October 11, 2011
Created October 10, 2011 at 11:49 PM

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No vegetables, on Paleo, is it possible? or unhealthy?

I am eating mainly beef and bison and I am eating head to tail, so organs, muscle meat, fat, and bone broth.

I am also eating lots of starchy carbs mainly from sweet potatoes, plantains, squash, and pumpkin.

When I put my daily meals into fitday.com I am pretty much covering all my bases. (I eat seaweed occasionally for iodine, sardines for calcium, vitamin D supplement)

I like vegetables too but for their calorie density they are just too time consuming for me. I can make 8lbs of sweet potatoes and squash to last me the next few days in the same time it takes time it takes me to cut up and cook zucchini or green beans. I am curious if they are really necessary considering my diet?

On this blog, Dans Plan, the blogger writes that all Paleo diets share the idea that we should be eating lots of greens and veggies daily. (http://www.dansplan.com/blog/787-five-slightly-different-flavors-of-the-paleo-diet)

I have also seen someone else on here write that they doubt hunter gatherers were spending their time collecting green beans and spinach rather than root vegetables.

I enjoy them when I have the time/chance but am I missing something by leaving them out most days?

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on October 11, 2011
at 12:19 AM

I started cooking Robb Wolf style recently, aka cook come meat in fat then thrown on a ton of veggies on top to let steam together. Ive been feeling more energetic and "crisp" lately. So for me adding more veggies to my meat, fat, tuber, small amount of veggies diet helped.



on October 10, 2011
at 11:58 PM

If you meet your nutritional reqs I see no reason to eat them unless you want them for specific culinary purposes. They generally have to much fiber and anti-nutrient components which makes them undesirable over obtaining nutrition from animal products, underground storage organs and fruits.

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