Not Desiring Vegetables?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created March 17, 2011 at 6:01 AM

When I started Paleo, I tried to get a lot of vegetables because that seemed de riguer, and I'd read my Cordain/Wolf/Sisson et al.

But as time on paleo went on, I found my self wanting to eat them less and less. I found I was getting all I needed from steak and eggs. I just felt like I didn't need them any more.

I was worried about this, but then I found out that some people out there do meat-and-water only. I guess it makes sense for some people.

So is there anything to worry about in a meat only diet? How advisable/inadvisable is it? Should I be forcing myself to heat more vegetables.

I also have cream in my decaf coffee 3 or four times a day (although every day I wonder about that), and often have anchovy butter on my steak. And eggs for breakfast. Also, my perspective is weight loss: 45yo and hopelessly addicted to carbohydrates all my life

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on March 17, 2011
at 08:11 AM

Vegetables are not required. That being said, depending on activity and other markers of health, I do not feel personally that pure carnivore is optimal for Thriving.

I went through a Zero Carb phase, was great for weight loss, felt great, but once I leaned out...It didnt feel good anymore.

I use Vegetables as a Garnish, a Variety for limiting specific toxins, and gaining many supposedly beneficial nutrients.

I use Tubers to fuel my activity levels, because now that Im Paleo, I don't slow down, and I want to perform Athletically in all the games/sports that I enjoy, be that Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Tennis, etc.


on March 17, 2011
at 07:26 AM

Since starting Paleo, I have found that there are times I want more meat and times I want more veg with fat. I think your body will tell you what you need, and you should listen, within reason. You may also want to try different veggies. Head over to an ethnic market. It could just be that you're bored with your current options.

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on March 17, 2011
at 06:17 PM

Just make sure you're eating organs every week. I eat 1/2lb of lamb liver a week and 2 lamb kidneys on non-liver days. This is on top of spinach and sweet potato consumption, but I would really make damn sure I were doing it if I were zero carb.


on March 17, 2011
at 05:00 PM

I have days completely 0carb, and some with a lot of veggies and some fruit. I am not such a great fan of veggies either, but I don't want to be on completely 0carb always. Sometimes I eat a fruit instead of veggies (of course being careful not to eat too much of the fruit). Eating what your body feel comfortable with is very important.

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