Are sprouts that are legumes just as bad for you?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 15, 2013 at 2:04 PM

Hi, Im new to the paleo concepts of eating and recently read that alfalfa and clover are lugumes and I am looking at my newly started sprouts and wonder if I need to throw out my alfalfa and clover. Now, I am turning to the Paleo concept of eating to clear my extreme skin alergies and self diagnosis of possible leaky bowel syndrome. My guess is it's a legume in sprout form as well as full grown but want to have my thoughts checked with others that are seasoned in the paleo concepts. Thanks.

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2 Answers



on April 15, 2013
at 02:23 PM

From what I understand, sprouts are good for you. The possible issues is in the storage medium for the energy source (beans, etc). I say possible because there's lots of arguments going on here about legumes, and most agree that plain old soaking and proper prep goes a long way.

When a seed sprouts, the chemical makup changes a bit and there are different enzymes at work that can be very beneficial. I know this isn't a very scientific answer and I hope other well versed individuals can chime in.

I think sprouts are one of the few things that raw vegans and paleos can agree on!



on April 16, 2013
at 01:14 AM

I will eat sprouts just not sprouts from wheat rye or barley due to risk of cross contamination. in other words when a wheat sprout is harvested there could be wheat seeds on the ground near it that get picked up too, and the sprout almost certainly rubs against some equipment covered in flour, etc. Its more of a concern for gluten sensitive individuals but wheat is still not good for anyone.

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